The Proud and the Pointy-eyed

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Sidequest.pngFurther Hildibrand Adventures Quest

Quest Giver Cyr - Foundation (x18, y10)
Requirements Level 60
Items Needed
Reward Gil 1414
Previous Quest Next Quest
Don't Trust Anyone over Sixty If I Could Turn Back Time




  • Speak with Cyr in Foundation.
  • Speak with Cyr in Idyllshire.
  • Question the hunters of Tailfeather. 0/3
  • Search for the Grand Sers at Anyx Trine. (Speak to Orland in The Dravanian Forelands (x20.3, y22.1)).
  • Pull the Grand Ser free from the ground. (Speak again to Orland in The Dravanian Forelands (x20.3, y22.1)).


  • Cyr is a man at the end of his tether.
  • Inspector's Log:
  • Cyr's forays into the inquisition's archives of forbidden tomes have led him to conclude that Gigi's mysterious abilities are rooted in ancient Allagan traditions. The mammet may indeed have the power to raise the dead, after a fashion, but Cyr believes that at best the resulting entity would be a soulless husk. In any event, he would like to pay a visit to the former residence of Archmagus Quan, the mammet's long-dead creator─but before you can depart together, he is confronted by another inquisitor who claims he committed heresy in the course of his investigation. The young man's accusations spur Cyr to erupt in a righteous fury in which he finds himself denouncing the inquisition he once pledged to serve. After the faint-hearted inquisitor flees to summon the guard, Cyr observes that it would be prudent to flee Ishgard with all due haste, and bids you accompany him to Idyllshire.
  • You arrive too late to catch Inspector Hildibrand, who has resumed his pursuit of the Grand Sers. According to Nashu and Julyan, the inspector set forth for Tailfeather after learning that the Grand Sers, who had briefly stopped in Idyllshire to resupply, spoke openly of slaying dragons in the Dravanian forelands. Cyr bids you accompany the two women in their search for the inspector while he journeys alone to Archmagus Quan's former residence in an effort to see what else he might learn of the mammet and its creator.
  • Outside Tailfeather you, Nashu, and Julyan decide to split up and question the chocobo hunters separately. With luck, you may learn something of the Grand Sers whereabouts, as well as those of Inspector Hildibrand...
  • The Grand Sers left a rather strong impression on the hunters of Tailfeather, many of whom recall vividly the bold claims they made regarding their ambition to kill the greatest dragon of them all. For whatever reason, however, they have nothing to say about Inspector Hildibrand. Regardless, the information you have gathered should prove of interest to Nashu and Julyan.
  • Nashu is delighted to hear your findings, as well as Julyan's. You quickly resolve to head to Anyx Trine, the purported destination of both the Grand Sers and Inspector Hildibrand.
  • Two armor-clad legs protruding from the ground greet you in Anyx Trine. Nashu immediately concludes that the unidentified individual is none other than one of the notorious Grand Sers, but there is something oddly familiar about the firm thighs and shapely buttocks...
  • With all your might you pull the figure free from the earth and discover it to be none other than Inspector Hildibrand. Joined by Godbert and Cyr, you listen as Hildibrand explains that, after catching up to his quarry, he attempted to reason with the Grand Sers, but instead was rather unceremoniously disposed of by the trio. Cyr is dismayed to learn that the Grand Sers have not only regained their youth, but that Gigi's eyes have taken on a notably pointy disposition, strongly suggesting that the mammet has been overexerting itself. Should he continue to do so, he may completely expend his aether. However, the most shocking revelation comes afterwards, when Hildibrand reveals that the Grand Sers intend to slay none other than Nidhogg! That is, until you quietly remind him of certain momentous events in which you personally took part, prompting the inspector to correct himself and state that Hraesvelgr is their intended target. Increased plausibility notwithstanding, how and why the Grand Sers wish to commit such an atrocity remains a complete mystery...

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