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Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:29.4, Y:16.5)
Quest line
Kojin Main

Experience ????? "?????" is not a number.
Gil 1,950
Previous quest
A Test of Courage
Next quest
The Ananta Maid's Tail

Kabuto appears to be in better spirits than when you last met.

— In-game description





  • Kabuto appears to be in better spirits than when you last met.
    ※ The difficulty of this quest will be synced to your current level.
  • Though Tsukumo is gone, Kabuto has labored tirelessly to carry out the Divine Circle's duty of searching for treasure. So much so, his brothers insist he take a rest. With his newly acquired free time, Kabuto has chosen to visit the various peoples of Othard who made contributions to the treasure vault, and wants you to accompany him. He decides to begin his journey with a visit to Gyokei in Yanxia.
  • Kabuto is happy to hear that all is well with Gyokei. He grows concerned, however, when mention of Tsukumo is met with a look of bewilderment. In the end, Kabuto surmises his lack of memory stems from the trauma of being attacked by the Red Kojin. He bids Gyokei farewell and makes for the Azim Steppe to meet with Uchikin and his father.
  • The Qestiri father and son are glad for Kabuto's visit, thanking him again for his help retrieving Uchikin's bow. As he struggles to communicate, Kabuto makes mention of Tsukumo, who was quite adept at interpreting their gestures. Uchikin and his father can only shrug in response. It soon dawns on Kabuto that they too have no recollection of his divine companion. Concerned now that everyone has forgotten Tsukumo, he rushes to Kugane to speak with the one person who is certain to remember him─Shihoumi.
  • Kabuto is relieved to hear that Shihoumi does, in fact, remember gifting him Tsukumo. His worry returns when it becomes clear she has no memory of the doll ever being animate. The only ones left likely to remember are his fellow Kojin. He returns to Tamamizu to speak with the other members of the Divine Circle, fearful of what they might say.
  • With his brothers assembled, Kabuto asks them if they remember Tsukumo, the kami that founded the Divine Circle. While they do remember Tsukumo, they are dumbfounded by the claim that a doll was the founder of their order. As far as they can recall, it was Kabuto who brought them together. Kabuto is baffled by the notion and insists it was Tsukumo. Hearing the conviction in his voice, Bunchin is reminded of a similar experience from his past. He relays this story to Kabuto, explaining that Tsukumo's purpose was to guide him on a journey of enlightenment that only he was meant to remember. The once reclusive warrior is now an affable leader, more determined than ever to see his people prosper.