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The Ananta Maid's Tail

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The Ananta Maid's Tail

The Ananta Maids Tail.png
Quest giver
East Aldenard Trading Company Assistant
Kugane (X:13.1, Y:9.8)
Quest line
Allied Beast Tribe

Required quest
Celebratory Smorgasbord
Disciples of Creation
Experience 0
Gil 1,372
Next quest
Ruby Seas under Ruby Skies

Hancock's Apprentice is peering about in earnest.

— In-game description


  • Wait for Hancock at Pier #2.
  • Speak with Alpa at Kugane Castle.
  • Speak with Alpa at the Bokairo Inn.
  • Speak with Alpa once again.
  • Speak with J'olhmyn.
  • Search for witnesses.
  • Speak with J'olhmyn at the Short Pier.
  • Attempt to aid M'zhet Tia.
  • Throw a Mark XLII grenade at M'zhet Tia.


Spotting an apprentice merchant on the lookout, you inquire as to what he is seeking─only to find out that it is, in fact, you. Sent by Hancock only with the vague instruction to locate you and tell you of his wish to meet, the apprentice asks if you might attend to his master at the harbor. Though at this point you should perhaps know better than to consign yourself to catering to unspecified whims, you nevertheless agree.

Hancock tells you of a visiting delegation from the Ala Mhigan Resistance soon to arrive at the port of Kugane, and requests that you be there to greet them, known to the group as you are. When the ship arrives, who should disembark but two members of the Resistance with whom you are well acquainted indeed: Alpa and J'olhmyn. With an eagerness that suggests that this may have been his plan all along, Hancock leaps at the chance to pass off the obligation to escort the pair around the city to you. With little recourse, you acquiesce to Alpa's request to visit Kugane Castle posthaste.

Though the Sekiseigumi member guarding the castle gate nearly gets off on the wrong foot-like appendage with Alpa by making the rather questionable assumption that anyone with a scaly tail is a mermaid, he quickly ameliorates the situation by providing a detailed explanation of the castle's defenses. As it concludes, Hancock reappears to announce that Alpa and J'olhmyn's lodgings are now ready, and recommend that they take some time to relax at the hot springs. Just as keen on soothing baths as they are on spiked ramparts, the two women decide to do so immediately.

You find Alpa gazing at the inn, nearly as impressed with its facade as she was with that of Kugane Castle. She has grown increasingly impatient waiting for J'olhmyn, however, and suggests going to have a look around the Bokaisen Hot Springs while you wait for the Miqo'te to reappear.

At the hot springs, J'olhmyn at last joins you in the water, and you enjoy a rare moment of relaxation─until the sinister mercenary Nhaza'a Jaab appears, remarking on Alpa's passing resemblance to the mermaids of legend. Taking advantage of the steamy environs, he snatches her out of the water and makes his escape.

A frustrated J'olhmyn declares that the most expedient means of tracking down Nhaza'a Jaab and retrieving Alpa will be to look for witnesses. Having now seen multiple citizens of Kugane react to Alpa as if she were a mythical creature, you find no reason to disagree with this assessment.

Though the potential witness you consult has only a passing familiarity with Miqo'te, he nevertheless appears to be in possession of the information you seek. He directs you to the Short Pier, where he swears to have seen a man with peculiar characteristics as well as ears of the appropriate sort.

You arrive at the pier to find not Nhaza'a Jaab, but M'zhet Tia. Based on his position, he could likely use help in more ways than one, but waking him seems like a good place to start.

Your cautious prodding having failed to wake M'zhet, J'olhmyn suggests more robust─and violent─measures. After plucking a few Mark XLII grenades from his pockets and handing them to you, she moves off to enjoy the show from a safe distance.

Now most assuredly awake, M'zhet is shocked to find a scantily clad J'olhmyn before his eyes. Fortunately, once he manages to focus long enough to come around to the point of his tale of seafaring and faring ill, he presents you with a concrete clue as to Alpa's whereabouts. It would seem that he witnessed her and Nhaza'a Jaab boarding a small boat and heading out onto the waves, so to sea you must go.