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A Test of Courage

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A Test of Courage

A Test of Courage.png
Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:29.4, Y:16.5)
Quest line
Kojin Main
Experience 66,250-80,387
Gil 1,135
Previous quest
Next quest

Kabuto is making ready to storm the Isle of Zekki.

— In-game description





  • Kabuto is making ready to storm the Isle of Zekki.
    ※ The difficulty of this quest will be synced to your current level.
  • Kabuto has every intention of rescuing Tsukumo, but he cannot do it alone. First, he must enlist the aid of his fellow Kojin. As he musters the courage to do so, he asks you to accompany him in case he should falter.
  • One of Kabuto's brothers agrees to help much to his surprise. Though only a small success, it gives him courage. So much so, he asks you to wait with Bunchin while he takes on the monumental task of speaking with all the Kojin of Tamamizu.
  • Kabuto has done his due diligence and spoken with all his brothers. All that remains is to wait. Then wait. Then wait a while longer. Just as he was beginning to lose hope, the other members of the Divine Circle arrive. They each have taken steps to prepare for the upcoming battle, and their remaining brothers are all at the ready outside of Tamamizu. It is time for battle, and so Kabuto bids you follow him to the Dive.
  • The plan to distract the Red Kojin about the island was a success. The entrance is unguarded, and Kabuto is prepared to rush inside.
  • Together you and Kabuto fight your way through to the Air of the Opulent and at last find Tsukumo held captive by Hirumaki. A duel ensues, and the ringing of steel against steel is deafening. Alas, Kabuto appears to be no match for Hirumaki. The red-shelled swordsman prepares to deliver the finishing blow when Tsukumo struggles to speak. He offers a few words of encouragement before growing still, and Kabuto realizes at once what has happened. He then finds the strength to strike one last time. Hirumaki collapses to the ground, but Kabuto follows shortly after. With the general defeated, the other Blue Kojin carry the unmoving Tsukumo and Kabuto back to Tamamizu.
  • Tsukumo is no more. The doll sits silently on an altar in the treasure vault when Shihoumi arrives to examine it. Kabuto's hopes of saving Tsukumo are dashed, however, when she tells him there is nothing she can do. Feeling defeated, Kabuto casts a sullen look at the altar and notices a peculiar gem on the ground. Shihoumi is quick to identify it as materia, and wastes no time affixing it to Kabuto's helmet. Taking the materia as a parting gift, he vows to honor Tsukumo's memory by redoubling his efforts to serve the Divine Circle.