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After character creation, you can change your hairstyle at the Aesthetician.

Unlocked Hairstyles

HairstylesImageGenderUnlock ItemActivityPurchased FromLocationx,yPatch
Adventure HairstyleAdventure hair1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - AdventureModern Aesthetics SaleswomanThe Gold Saucer5.4, 6.53.1
Battle-ready Bobs HairstyleBattle-ready Bobs hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Battle-ready BobsThe Tower at Paradigm's Breach5.5
Both Ways HairstyleBoth Ways hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Both WaysZadnor5.55
Controlled Chaos HairstyleControlled Chaos hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Controlled ChaosIshgardian RestorationEnieThe Firmament12,145.21
Curls HairstyleCurls hair1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - CurlsGold Saucer AttendantThe Gold Saucer5.1, 6.73.1
Early to Rise HairstyleEarly to Rise hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Early to RiseDelubrum ReginaeResistance SupplierZadnor35.9, 34.25.45
Eternal Bonding Ceremony HairstyleEternal bonding ceremony hairstyle2.pngUnisexEternal BondMog StationThe Sanctum of the Twelve2.45
Fashionably Feathered HairstyleFashionably feathered hairstyle1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - Fashionably FeatheredPvPMark QuartermasterWolves' Den Pier4.5, 6.04.3
Form and Function HairstyleForm and function hairstyle1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - Form and FunctionThe Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros4.45
Great Lengths HairstyleGreat Lengths hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Great LengthsGold Saucer AttendantThe Gold Saucer5.1, 6.65.0
Gyr Abanian Plait HairstyleGyr abanian plait hairstyle1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - Gyr Abanian PlaitHeaven-on-High4.35
Lexen-tails HairstyleLexen-tails hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Lexen-tailsReturn to IvaliceGold Saucer AttendantThe Gold Saucer5.1, 6.74.5
Liberating Locks HairstyleModern Aesthetics - Liberating Locks hair1.jpgFemaleModern Aesthetics - Liberating LocksMog Station6.11a
Lucian Locks HairstyleLucian Locks hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Lucian LocksIronworks VendorThe Gold Saucer5.2,6.34.56
Master & Commander HairstyleMaster and commander hairstyle1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - Master & CommanderMog Station3.55
Modern Legend HairstyleModern Legend hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Modern LegendIshgardian RestorationEnieThe Firmament5.4, 6.55.11
Ponytails HairstylePonytails hairstyle1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - PonytailsGold Saucer AttendantThe Gold Saucer5.1, 6.72.51
Pulse (Lightning) HairstylePulse (lightning) hairstyle1.jpgFemaleModern Aesthetics - PulseMog Station3.2
Pulse (Snow) HairstylePulse (snow) hairstyle1.pngMaleModern Aesthetics - PulseMog Station3.2
Rainmaker HairstyleRainmaker hair1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - RainmakerModern Aesthetics SaleswomanThe Gold Saucer5.4, 6.53.55
Saintly Style HairstyleSaintly Style hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Saintly StyleIshgardian RestorationEnieThe Firmament12,145.31
Samsonian Locks HairstyleSamsonian Locks hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Samsonian LocksPalace of the Dead3.4
Scanning for Style HairstyleScanning for Style hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Scanning for StyleThe Tower at Paradigm's Breach5.5
Scion Special Issue HairstyleScion special issue hairstyle1.jpgFemaleModern Aesthetics - Scion Special IssueMog Station3.1
Scion Special Issue II HairstyleScion special issue ii hairstyle1.jpgMaleModern Aesthetics - Scion Special Issue IIMog Station3.35
Scion Special Issue III HairstyleScion special issue iii hairstyle1.jpgFemaleModern Aesthetics - Scion Special Issue IIIMog Station3.35
Sharlayan Studies HairstyleModern Aesthetics - Sharlayan Studies hair1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - Sharlayan StudiesMog Station5.4
Strife HairstyleStrife hairstyle1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - StrifeOfficial contest giveaways4.4
Styled for Hire HairstyleStyled for Hire hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Styled for HirePvPMark QuartermasterWolves' Den Pier4.5, 6.04.4
Wind Caller HairstyleWind Caller hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Wind CallerThe Bozjan Southern FrontResistance QuartermasterThe Bozjan Southern Front14.2,29.65.35

Default Hairstyles

Collage of Hairstyles

All Hairstyles up to patch 2.5, except Lightning Strikes and Eternal Bond hairstyles.

Arr hairstyles1.jpg