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After character creation, you can change your hairstyle at the Aesthetician.

Unlocked Hairstyles

HairstylesImageGenderUnlock ItemActivityPurchased FromLocationx,yPatch
A Close Shave HairstyleA Close Shave front.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - A Close ShaveEureka Orthos6.35
Adventure HairstyleAdventure hair1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - AdventureModern Aesthetics SaleswomanThe Gold Saucer5.4, 6.53.1
Ambitious Ends HairstyleAmbitious Ends front.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Ambitious EndsMount RokkonTrisassantOld Sharlayan12,13.36.45
Battle-ready Bobs HairstyleBattle-ready Bobs hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Battle-ready BobsThe Tower at Paradigm's Breach5.5
Both Ways HairstyleBoth Ways hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Both WaysZadnor5.55
Controlled Chaos HairstyleControlled Chaos hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Controlled ChaosIshgardian RestorationEnieThe Firmament12,145.21
Curls HairstyleCurls hair1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - CurlsGold Saucer AttendantThe Gold Saucer5.1, 6.73.1
Early to Rise HairstyleEarly to Rise hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Early to RiseDelubrum ReginaeResistance SupplierZadnor35.9, 34.25.45
Eternal Bonding Ceremony HairstyleEternal bonding ceremony hairstyle2.pngUnisexCeremony of Eternal BondingFinal Fantasy XIV Online StoreThe Sanctum of the Twelve2.45
Fashionably Feathered HairstyleFashionably feathered hairstyle1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - Fashionably FeatheredPvPMark QuartermasterWolves' Den Pier4.5, 6.04.3
Form and Function HairstyleForm and function hairstyle1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - Form and FunctionThe Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros
The Forbidden Land, Eureka
Great Lengths HairstyleGreat Lengths hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Great LengthsGold Saucer AttendantThe Gold Saucer5.1, 6.65.0
Gyr Abanian Plait HairstyleGyr abanian plait hairstyle1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - Gyr Abanian PlaitHeaven-on-High4.35
Lexen-tails HairstyleLexen-tails hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Lexen-tailsReturn to IvaliceGold Saucer AttendantThe Gold Saucer5.1, 6.74.5
Liberating Locks HairstyleModern Aesthetics - Liberating Locks hair1.jpgFemaleModern Aesthetics - Liberating LocksFinal Fantasy XIV Online Store6.11a
Lucian Locks HairstyleLucian Locks hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Lucian LocksIronworks VendorThe Gold Saucer5.2,6.34.56
Master & Commander HairstyleMaster and commander hairstyle1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - Master & CommanderFinal Fantasy XIV Online Store3.55
Modern Legend HairstyleModern Legend hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Modern LegendIshgardian RestorationEnieThe Firmament5.4, 6.55.11
Ponytails HairstylePonytails hairstyle1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - PonytailsGold Saucer AttendantThe Gold Saucer5.1, 6.72.51
Practical Ponytails HairstylePractical Ponytails hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Practical PonytailsIsland SanctuaryHorrendous HoarderUnnamed Island12.6,28.36.2
Pulse (Lightning) HairstylePulse (lightning) hairstyle1.jpgFemaleModern Aesthetics - PulseFinal Fantasy XIV Online Store3.2
Pulse (Snow) HairstylePulse (snow) hairstyle1.jpgMaleModern Aesthetics - PulseFinal Fantasy XIV Online Store3.2
Rainmaker HairstyleRainmaker hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - RainmakerModern Aesthetics SaleswomanThe Gold Saucer5.4, 6.53.55
Saintly Style HairstyleSaintly Style hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Saintly StyleIshgardian RestorationEnieThe Firmament12,145.31
Samsonian Locks HairstyleSamsonian Locks hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Samsonian LocksPalace of the Dead3.4
Scanning for Style HairstyleScanning for Style hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Scanning for StyleThe Tower at Paradigm's Breach5.5
Scion Special Issue HairstyleScion special issue hairstyle1.jpgFemaleModern Aesthetics - Scion Special IssueFinal Fantasy XIV Online Store3.1
Scion Special Issue II HairstyleScion special issue ii hairstyle1.jpgMaleModern Aesthetics - Scion Special Issue IIFinal Fantasy XIV Online Store3.35
Scion Special Issue III HairstyleScion special issue iii hairstyle1.jpgFemaleModern Aesthetics - Scion Special Issue IIIFinal Fantasy XIV Online Store3.35
Sharlayan Rebellion HairstyleModern Aesthetics - Sharlayan Rebellion image1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - Sharlayan RebellionFinal Fantasy XIV Online Store6.3
Sharlayan Studies HairstyleModern Aesthetics - Sharlayan Studies hair1.jpgUnisexModern Aesthetics - Sharlayan StudiesFinal Fantasy XIV Online Store5.4
Strife HairstyleStrife hairstyle1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - StrifeOfficial contest giveaways4.4
Styled for Hire HairstyleStyled for Hire hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Styled for HirePvPMark QuartermasterWolves' Den Pier4.5, 6.04.4
Tall Tails HairstyleTall Tails hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Tall TailsIsland SanctuaryHorrendous HoarderUnnamed Island12.6,28.36.2
The Bold and the Braid HairstyleThe Bold and the Braid front1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - The Bold and the BraidAloalo IslandTrisassantOld Sharlayan12,13.36.51
Wind Caller HairstyleWind Caller hair1.pngUnisexModern Aesthetics - Wind CallerThe Bozjan Southern FrontResistance QuartermasterThe Bozjan Southern Front14.2,29.65.35

Default Hairstyles

Collage of Hairstyles

All Hairstyles up to patch 2.5, except Lightning Strikes and Ceremony of Eternal Bonding hairstyles.

Arr hairstyles1.jpg

Contest Winners

These runners up in the 2015 Hairstyle Design Contest were made into default hairstyles.