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Patch 5.5

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Patch 5.5
"Death unto Dawn"
Release Date
13 Apr 2021
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Patch Notes
5.5, 5.55, 5.57, 5.58
Patch 5.4
Patch 6.0
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Patch 5.5: Death unto Dawn is the final major content update introduced for Shadowbringers.

Notable Features, Additions, and Changes

New Content

System Changes and Additions

  • Explorer Mode: Level 70 (Stormblood max-level) dungeons added. Level and item level sync can be disabled. Performance instruments can be used.
  • New Game+: Eden, The Sorrow of Werlyt, Tales from the Shadows, YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse (5.55), Shadowbringers Part 4 - 5.4 to 5.55 main story (5.55)
  • New Performance Instrument: Electric Guitar (5.55)
    • The Electric Guitar is a Fender® Stratocaster® model as part of a collaboration with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.
  • Achievement rewards can be now claimed through the Achievement UI.
  • High resolution UI graphics available for the Windows version and the PS5 beta version
  • World Visit: Can now visit another World from the character select screen.
    • This is intended to be used if you are having trouble logging in to your current World server.
    • You can not choose which World to visit; one with available space will be randomly selected automatically.
  • Playstation 5 support added (May 25, 2021)


Note: Not all content listed here will launch on the same day. This article is about the 5.5x season as a whole.

Main Story Summary (Spoilers)

The Sorrow of Werlyt (Spoilers)

Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr (Spoilers)

YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse (Spoilers)