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Glamours is A Realm Reborn's Vanity System. It allows the player to transform the appearance of his or her gear into that of other gear. The transformation only affect the appearance of that piece of gear and does not affect its stats. It allows the player to take on various appearances, regardless of the gear he or she is wearing.

The glamour system can be used on all gear the same or lower equipment level than your current gear. After using a glamour prism, the gear being copied can be entrusted to your retainer. As long as the base gear and the gear being copied occupy the same number of gear slots, you can copy the appearance of any gear equippable by your current class or job.

  • The glamour system was introduced in Patch 2.2.


From patch 4.1 onward, players only need to be level 15+ to unlock Glamours. Old unlock quests A Self-improving Man and Submission Impossible can now be unlocked at level 15. Requirements for recipe books and recipes are also reduced to level 15.

Additionally, new, alternative unlock quests have been added in Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan:

If I Had a Glamour

Absolutely Glamourous

Old Requirement

To unlock Glamours, players must first complete A Self-improving Man quest which has a level requirement of 50. Players can start the quest by talking to Wiscard in Mor Dhona (x22,y6). Upon completion, the action Cast Glamour will appear under General Actions in the Actions and Traits interface.


Cast Glamour

First, ensure that you are in possession of the gear whose appearance you wish to alter (the base item), the gear whose appearance you wish to project (the projected item), and the corresponding glamour prism. Select the base item, then choose Cast Glamour from the subcommand menu.

The glamour prism will be consumed upon use, but no gear will be lost in the process. Furthermore, gear used to cast glamours will be bound upon use of a glamour prism.

  • Uncasting a glamour requires the use of a glamour dispeller.

Requirements and Restrictions

Glamours may be cast with any items that meet the following conditions:

  1. The base and projected items are of the same type.
  2. The equipment level of the projected item is equal to or lower than the base item.
  3. The base item and projected item can be equipped by the same class or job.
  4. The base item and projected item can be equipped by the same gender or race.

For gear occupying more than one gear slot, one the following conditions must be met in addition to the above:

  1. The base item and projected item occupy the same gear slots.
  2. All of the projected item's gear slots fall within the base item's gear slots.
    1. For example you can project a robe (body slot) onto a cowl (head and body slots) but cannot project a cowl onto a robe.
  • The equipment requirements of a glamoured item are identical to the base item.
  • The appearance of the base item will be used in the event your current class cannot equip the projected item.
  • Glamours may be temporarily disabled in PvP arenas and other unique areas.

Removing Glamours

When in possession of a glamour dispeller, the Remove option will be available in the Cast Glamour interface.

Glamour Prism

Players need to have Glamour Prism in his or her inventory to cast Glamour. The required glamour prism will depend on the projected gear's item level and the crafting class that can repair it.

  • Glamour Prism: For projecting the appearance of equipment item.
    • Each crafting class must use a unique set of glamour prisms.

Crafting Prisms

Each crafting class must use its respective master recipe book in order to craft glamour prisms.

  • There is no master recipe book of glamours available for culinarian.

After completing the quest Submission Impossible, players will be able to purchase master recipe books, as well as the clear prisms needed to craft glamour prisms.

Clear prisms can purchased from the following Bango Zango in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks(X9,Y11), Maisenta in New Gridania (X11, Y11) and Roarich in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X10,Y9).

Egi Glamours

Egi Glamours

Adventurer Squadrons Member Glamours

Adventurer Squadrons Member Glamours