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Disambig icon.png This article is about the action. For the item category, see Dye.


Any class frame icon.png Any

Quest Req.
Feature quest Color Your World

Use various dye to color all type of gear.

— In-game description

Dye is an action unlocked by questing at level 15. It is available for any class or job.

Dye Tutorial 1
Dye Tutorial 2
Dyeing Menu


Before players can Dye (action) icon1.png  Dye their gear, they must complete the quest Feature QuestColor Your World in Vesper Bay (X:12.6 Y:14.3) of Western Thanalan by speaking to the NPC Swyrgeim.

Color Your World requires the player to deliver Orange juice icon1.png  Orange Juice to Swyrgeim. Players can purchase a bottle of Orange Juice from the Merchant and Mender (X:12.1 Y:13.8) in Vesper Bay.

General Info

Players can dye their armor into different colors. One source of dyes is purchasing them from dye vendors in the following places (Goobbue grey dye icon1.png  Goobbue Grey Dye used as an example):

Vendor Location / Coordinates Section Cost Unlock req.
Alaric Old Gridania (14.3, 8.8) General Gil 40
Allagan Commerce Node Player Housing (6, 6) Purchase Items (Gardening, Dyes) Gil 40
Ananta Junkmonger Player Housing (6, 6) Purchase Items (Gardening, Dyes) Gil 40
Eilonwy The Firmament (12.2, 14.2) General Gil 40
Frine The Pillars (6, 9.9) General Gil 40
Junkmonger Player Housing (6, 6) Purchase Items (Gardening, Dyes) Gil 40
Kojin Junkmonger Player Housing (6, 6) Purchase Items (Gardening, Dyes) Gil 40
Loporrit Junkmonger Player Housing (6, 6) Purchase Items (Gardening, Dyes) Gil 40
Namazu Junkmonger Player Housing (6, 6) Purchase Items (Gardening, Dyes) Gil 40
Nanabe Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (14.2, 11) General Gil 40
Tokohana Kugane (12.9, 12.2) General Gil 40
Unsynrael Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (6, 12.3) General Gil 40

A second batch of dyes are crafted by any level 30 crafter class.
A third group of dyes are only available from ARR Tribal Vendors.
A fourth set of dyes are bought from Enie in The Firmament (12,14) with Skybuilders Scrip Skybuilder's Scrip from the Ishgardian Restoration, or from the Horrendous Hoarder with Seafarer's Cowrie Seafarer's Cowries from Island Sanctuary.
Lastly, General-purpose or BGreen dyes are only acquired very rarely from Quick Exploration Retainer Ventures (via the Venture coffer icon1.png  Venture Coffer lootbox).

These last ones have an untradeable equivalent that can be bought on the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store for real money and produce the same colors.

All but the last set are always singular flat color tones. A subset of the last set (in the Dye window grouped as the last set also) offers colors with a metallic shining look.


To dye a piece of armor, click on the Dye (action) icon1.png  Dye icon in the Actions & Traits menu or right-click the desired equipment and select the Dye option.

  • Dyes can be removed from armor by using the item named Terebinth icon1.png  Terebinth, bought from a dye vendor.


Gyuki leather jacket icon1.png  Gyuki Leather Jacket in its original color, and dyed in Snow white dye icon1.png  snow white, Rolanberry red dye icon1.png  rolanberry red and Metallic red dye icon1.png  metallic red.

Example: an item (a jacket) in original color, and dyed in snow-white, rolanberry red and metallic red