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If I Had a Glamour

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Feature Quest icon.png

If I Had a Glamour

Quest giver
Western Thanalan (X:12.6, Y:14.3)
Required items
1 Orange juice icon1.png  Blood Orange Juice
Experience 0
Gil 0
Next quest
Absolutely Glamourous

Swyrgeim wishes to impart to you her knowledge of glamours.

— In-game description




This quest and Feature QuestA Self-improving Man are mutually exclusive. You can only do one.



  • Swyrgeim wishes to impart to you her knowledge of glamours.
  • Swyrgeim is keen to teach you the true meaning of glamour. But first, you must fetch her a drink. Folclind, a barmaid at the Pissed Peiste, is ready to take your order.
  • In a flash, Folclind prepares the blood orange juice and hands it over. You had best take it to Swyrgeim before she or the drink succumb to the heat.
  • Thirst duly sated, Swyrgeim expounds upon the wonders of glamours, a magical means by which you may alter the appearance of your arms and armor. Properly educated, you may now take appropriate measures to start looking the part of a professional adventurer!


Accepting the quest

Swyrgeim: Oh dear, dear, dear. This will never do! My sense of aesthetics simply won't allow it! How can you go out dressed like that?
Swyrgeim: My dear, if only you'd spare a thought for style and coordination! I hope your garb holds up during a scuffle, because there's little else going for it!
Swyrgeim: That's it! I've made up my mind. From this day forth, I'll take it upon myself to save you from any more fashion disasters.
Swyrgeim: Let me see... So much that needs to be addressed─where to even begin? Be a dear and get me a drink. I'm feeling rather parched, and this is a matter best discussed over a glass of something cold.
Swyrgeim: Just go to the Pissed Peiste and ask Folclind. I'll have some blood orange juice. And tell her to make sure there's no pulp in it. Now, off you go!

When you talk to Swyrgeim without the blood orange juice in your inventory:

Swyrgeim: Oh my, was it too much to ask? It's just over there, dear─I'm sure you can manage.
Folclind: Oh, Swyrgeim sent you, did she? That woman─I've never known anyone so lazy! Would it kill her to come and get it herself?
Folclind: Here you are. You shouldn't let her push you around, you know. Give her an ilm and she'll take a malm.
Swyrgeim: So, how's that drink coming along?

Handing over the blood orange juice

Swyrgeim: Oh! Delicious! Nothing better on a hot day! Some say I have expensive tastes, but life's too short to settle for second best. Of course, this extends to my choice of wardrobe, too.
Swyrgeim: Now that I'm feeling refreshed, shall we get started? Do you know, dear, you'd look a lot less drab if you knew how to apply “glamours”!
Swyrgeim: "What's a glamour?“ you ask? Well, they use a glamour prism as a catalyst to project the image of one item onto another. It's just an illusion, mind, but very convincing!
Swyrgeim: This means the original object stays essentially the same. It just takes on a new appearance, that's all.
Swyrgeim: Remember, if you fancy a change, you don't have to stick with the same glamour. Just apply another one on top, or use a glamour dispeller to return the object to normal.
Swyrgeim: Why sacrifice style for such humdrum trifles as “durability” or “protection from bodily harm”? Limitless possibilities for self-expression are just a couple of glamours away!
Swyrgeim: Go ahead, give it a try! And do make it quick, dear, for my sake. I'm finding your uninspired attire more and more offensive with each passing moment.
System: Glamour dressers in inn rooms are now available.
System: You may use dressers to transform items into glamours and create ensembles for quick and easy use.