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An Unexpected Proposal

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An Unexpected Proposal

An Unexpected Proposal.png
Quest giver
Idyllshire (X:5.7, Y:5.5)
Quest line
Anima Weapons Quests
Required quest
Heavensward (Quest)
Experience 0
Gil 1,071
Next quest
Soul without Life

Rowena is planning a trip to Revenant's Toll.

— In-game description


Main article: Anima Weapons/Quest#An Unexpected Proposal

Must be done as a job that existed in Heavensward. Otherwise the job would have no relic to work towards.



  • Rowena is planning a trip to Revenant's Toll.
  • You happen upon Rowena just as two unexpected visitors arrive. The first is an earnest young researcher bearing an urgent request, the second, Gerolt the ale-sodden blacksmith. Wasting no time, the researcher, one Ardashir, declares that he has been conducting research into the creation of artificial life─something he refers to as "anima." Though all of his trials have thus far ended in failure, he is convinced that the Sharlayans' work on arcane sentries holds the key to success. Before he can continue with his suit, however, Gerolt decries him for his lack of imagination, and wryly suggests fusing the anima with a weapon─a proposal which Ardashir considers a stroke of genius. Never one to miss a chance to turn a profit, Rowena sets about persuading Gerolt to take part in the venture, and before you know it, you too have been roped in to test the finished product. You are to rendezvous with Ardashir and Gerolt in Azys Lla, where the pair will apparently be working.
  • You find Ardashir in Azys Lla marveling at the technological wonders of the once-great Allagan Empire. Now that you have arrived, he is ready to begin work on the anima weapon.