Anima Weapons Quests

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See also: Feature Quests and Anima Weapons
Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
An Unexpected Proposal Feature quest 60 Rowena
Soul without Life Repeatable Feature quest 60 Ardashir 1 Animated hauteclaire icon1.png  Animated Hauteclaire
1 Animated prytwen icon1.png  Animated Prytwen
1 Animated parashu icon1.png  Animated Parashu
1 Animated deathbringer icon1.png  Animated Deathbringer
1 Animated brionac icon1.png  Animated Brionac
1 Animated rising suns icon1.png  Animated Rising Suns
1 Animated yukimitsu icon1.png  Animated Yukimitsu
1 Animated berimbau icon1.png  Animated Berimbau
1 Animated ferdinand icon1.png  Animated Ferdinand
1 Animated lunaris rod icon1.png  Animated Lunaris Rod
1 Animated almandal icon1.png  Animated Almandal
1 Animated seraph cane icon1.png  Animated Seraph Cane
1 Animated elements icon1.png  Animated Elements
1 Animated atlas icon1.png  Animated Atlas
Toughening Up Repeatable Feature quest 60 Ardashir 1 Hauteclaire awoken icon1.png  Hauteclaire Awoken
1 Prytwen awoken icon1.png  Prytwen Awoken
1 Parashu awoken icon1.png  Parashu Awoken
1 Deathbringer awoken icon1.png  Deathbringer Awoken
1 Brionac awoken icon1.png  Brionac Awoken
1 Rising suns awoken icon1.png  Rising Suns Awoken
1 Yukimitsu awoken icon1.png  Yukimitsu Awoken
1 Berimbau awoken icon1.png  Berimbau Awoken
1 Ferdinand awoken icon1.png  Ferdinand Awoken
1 Lunaris rod awoken icon1.png  Lunaris Rod Awoken
1 Almandal awoken icon1.png  Almandal Awoken
1 Seraph cane awoken icon1.png  Seraph Cane Awoken
1 Elements awoken icon1.png  Elements Awoken
1 Atlas awoken icon1.png  Atlas Awoken
Coming into Its Own Repeatable Feature quest 60 Ardashir Anima Crossing icon.png  Anima Crossing 1 Almace icon1.png  Almace
1 Ancile icon1.png  Ancile
1 Ukonvasara icon1.png  Ukonvasara
1 Nothung icon1.png  Nothung
1 Rhongomiant icon1.png  Rhongomiant
1 Verethragna icon1.png  Verethragna
1 Kannagi icon1.png  Kannagi
1 Gandiva icon1.png  Gandiva
1 Armageddon icon1.png  Armageddon
1 Hvergelmir icon1.png  Hvergelmir
1 Draconomicon.png  Draconomicon
1 Majestas icon1.png  Majestas
1 Tetrabiblos icon1.png  Tetrabiblos
1 Deneb icon1.png  Deneb
Finding Your Voice Repeatable Feature quest 60 Ardashir Restoration Node 1 Hyperconductive almace icon1.png  Hyperconductive Almace
1 Hyperconductive ancile icon1.png  Hyperconductive Ancile
1 Hyperconductive ukonvasara icon1.png  Hyperconductive Ukonvasara
1 Hyperconductive nothung icon1.png  Hyperconductive Nothung
1 Hyperconductive rhongomiant icon1.png  Hyperconductive Rhongomiant
1 Hyperconductive verethragna icon1.png  Hyperconductive Verethragna
1 Hyperconductive kannagi icon1.png  Hyperconductive Kannagi
1 Hyperconductive gandiva icon1.png  Hyperconductive Gandiva
1 Hyperconductive armageddon icon1.png  Hyperconductive Armageddon
1 Hyperconductive hvergelmir icon1.png  Hyperconductive Hvergelmir
1 Hyperconductive Draconomicon.png  Hyperconductive Draconomicon
1 Hyperconductive majestas icon1.png  Hyperconductive Majestas
1 Hyperconductive tetrabiblos icon1.png  Hyperconductive Tetrabiblos
1 Hyperconductive deneb icon1.png  Hyperconductive Deneb
A Dream Fulfilled Repeatable Feature quest 60 Ardashir 1 Sword of the twin thegns icon1.png  Sword of the Twin Thegns
1 Shield of the twin thegns icon1.png  Shield of the Twin Thegns
1 Axe of the blood emperor icon1.png  Axe of the Blood Emperor
1 Guillotine of the tyrant icon1.png  Guillotine of the Tyrant
1 Trident of the overlord icon1.png  Trident of the Overlord
1 Sultans fists icon1.png  Sultan's Fists
1 Spurs of the thorn prince icon1.png  Spurs of the Thorn Prince
1 Bow of the autarch icon1.png  Bow of the Autarch
1 Flame of the dynast icon1.png  Flame of the Dynast
1 Rod of the black khan icon1.png  Rod of the Black Khan
1 Book of the Mad Queen.png  Book of the Mad Queen
1 Cane of the white tsar icon1.png  Cane of the White Tsar
1 Word of the magnate icon1.png  Word of the Magnate
1 Sphere of the last heir icon1.png  Sphere of the Last Heir
Future Proof Repeatable Feature quest 60 Ardashir 1 Sharpened sword of the twin thegns icon1.png  Sharpened Sword of the Twin Thegns
1 Sharpened shield of the twin thegns icon1.png  Sharpened Shield of the Twin Thegns
1 Sharpened axe of the blood emperor icon1.png  Sharpened Axe of the Blood Emperor
1 Sharpened guillotine of the tyrant icon1.png  Sharpened Guillotine of the Tyrant
1 Sharpened trident of the overlord icon1.png  Sharpened Trident of the Overlord
1 Sharpened sultans fists icon1.png  Sharpened Sultan's Fists
1 Sharpened spurs of the thorn prince icon1.png  Sharpened Spurs of the Thorn Prince
1 Sharpened bow of the autarch icon1.png  Sharpened Bow of the Autarch
1 Sharpened flame of the dynast icon1.png  Sharpened Flame of the Dynast
1 Sharpened rod of the black khan icon1.png  Sharpened Rod of the Black Khan
1 Sharpened Book of the Mad Queen.png  Sharpened Book of the Mad Queen
1 Sharpened cane of the white tsar icon1.png  Sharpened Cane of the White Tsar
1 Sharpened word of the magnate icon1.png  Sharpened Word of the Magnate
1 Sharpened sphere of the last heir icon1.png  Sharpened Sphere of the Last Heir
Cut from a Different Cloth Repeatable Feature quest 60 Angelet 1 Singing cluster icon1.png  Singing Cluster
Seeking Inspiration Repeatable Feature quest 60 Amphelice 18 Singing cluster icon1.png  Singing Cluster
Born Again Anima Repeatable Feature quest 60 Ardashir 1 Aettir icon1.png  Aettir
1 Priwen icon1.png  Priwen
1 Minos icon1.png  Minos
1 Cronus icon1.png  Cronus
1 Areadbhar icon1.png  Areadbhar
1 Nyepels icon1.png  Nyepels
1 Sandungs icon1.png  Sandungs
1 Terpander icon1.png  Terpander
1 Deathlocke icon1.png  Deathlocke
1 Kaladanda icon1.png  Kaladanda
1 Mimesis.png  Mimesis
1 Sindri icon1.png  Sindri
1 Anabasis icon1.png  Anabasis
1 Canopus icon1.png  Canopus
Some Assembly Required Repeatable Feature quest 60 Processing Node 1 Newborn soulstone icon1.png  Newborn Soulstone
Body and Soul Feature quest 60 Automaton 1 Anima (minion) icon2.png  Anima
Words of Wisdom Feature quest 60 Ardashir
Best Friends Forever Repeatable Feature quest 60 Ardashir 1 Aettir lux icon1.png  Aettir Lux
1 Priwen lux icon1.png  Priwen Lux
1 Minos lux icon1.png  Minos Lux
1 Cronus lux icon1.png  Cronus Lux
1 Areadbhar lux icon1.png  Areadbhar Lux
1 Nyepels lux icon1.png  Nyepels Lux
1 Sandungs lux icon1.png  Sandungs Lux
1 Terpander lux icon1.png  Terpander Lux
1 Deathlocke lux icon1.png  Deathlocke Lux
1 Kaladanda lux icon1.png  Kaladanda Lux
1 Mimesis Lux.png  Mimesis Lux
1 Sindri lux icon1.png  Sindri Lux
1 Anabasis lux icon1.png  Anabasis Lux
1 Canopus lux icon1.png  Canopus Lux