The Forbidden Land

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The Forbidden Land, Eureka, is a mysterious and deadly island where the elemental forces are constantly in flux. It may be explored in parties of up to eight players, or solo. Adventurers who choose to brave the wilds of Eureka will find that their strength there is measured in their elemental level. Moreover, all equipped item will be subject to item level sync. Unlike instanced duties, a given region within Eureka may be occupied by up to 144 players, with whom you may choose to cooperate if you so desire!



Players can enter the Forbidden Lands, by speaking to the NPC Rodney in Kugane (X:8.5 Y:14.2). If entering as a party, the leader must speak to the NPC.

  • When registering to enter, all party members must be in Kugane.

Party Play

Unlike other instanced areas, Eureka allows the use of party functions such as inviting party members, disbanding the party, and leaving the party without exiting Eureka. You may use the Adventurer List to seek out players close in elemental level to form parties and explore Eureka together. It is also possible to change your online status to "Looking for Party."

  • Please note that if you enter Eureka as a member of a party, even if you leave it while within Eureka, you will be returned to the party upon exiting Eureka.

Cooperating with other adventurers

Unlike in instanced duties, in the Forbidden Land, Eureka, you may form and leave parties with other players at will. You may also use the Adventurer List to seek out players close in elemental level to form parties and explore Eureka together.


The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos

The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pagos

The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros

The Forbidden Land, Eureka Hydatos

Changing Class and Jobs

You may change between Disciple of War and Magic classes and jobs at Port Surgate.

  • This includes classes and jobs that have not reached level 70.

Riding Mounts

Previously, fulfilling certain requirements and completing specific quests was required to earn the ability to ride mounts in Eureka. Patch 5.1 of Shadowbringers changed it so that story completion is no longer necessary, and mounts can be ridden immediately.

  • Mounts cannot fly in Eureka.
  • There are no speed boosts or riding maps for Eureka.


Elemental Level

Your strength in Eureka is measured in your elemental level, which may be increased by defeating various enemies and gaining elemental experience points. Your level and EXP accrued will be retained between visits—progress will not be lost when you depart Eureka. Please be advised that elemental EXP gained may be affected by the number of players in your party and the difficulty of the enemies you defeat.

Elemental Experience Points

Defeating enemies in Eureka grants elemental experience points, which raise the elemental level. The amount of elemental experience points earned varies according to factors such as the number of party members and the difference in elemental level of the enemy and the player.

  • Regular experience points are not awarded in Eureka.

Eureka Anemos2.png

Penalties incurred when KO'd

When you are KO'd in the Forbidden Land, Eureka, you will lose elemental EXP. However, if you are revived by another player within ten minutes of being KO'd, you will receive no elemental EXP penalty. Furthermore, if your current elemental level is five or below, you will not lose elemental EXP when KO'd. Please be advised that, if your elemental level is eleven or higher, this penalty may reduce your elemental EXP total below zero. Should this happen, you will lose an elemental level.

Magia Board and Magicite

The magia board enhances elemental affinity to give an advantage against enemies in Eureka.

The magia board is divided into six sections, each representing a different element. Melding magicite to the board will enhance the player's affinity to a given element. Magicite is earned by progressing through the Eureka story.

Eureka Anemos3.png

Magicite can be repositioned or reset at the magia melder in Port Surgate.

Eureka Anemos4.png

Although the magia melder can only be used in Port Surgate, the magia board can be spun to adjust elemental affinity anywhere in Eureka. It is possible to spin the magia board using text commands.

Each spin of the magia board consumes one unit of magia aether. This gradually refills over time and can be completely restored by accessing the magia melder.

Eureka Anemos5.png

The Fauna of Eureka

Enemy Affinity

Enemies encountered in the Forbidden Land, Eureka, are imbued with powers of a particular elemental affinity. To overcome these enemies, players must use the magia board in conjunction with magicite to strengthen their own elemental affinity.

The affinity of enemies is indicated by an icon to the left of their display names.

Eureka Anemos6.png

Effects of Affinity

The six elemental forces within the Forbidden Land, Eureka, are constantly in flux, and understanding the relationship between them is vital to exploration.

Eureka Anemos7.png

Increasing one's affinity with a given element will increase the damage dealt to certain enemies, as well as reduce the damage received from others.

For example, if you wish to deal more damage to an enemy aspected to fire, you should strengthen your affinity to wind. However, should you wish to suffer less damage from the same enemy, you must strengthen your affinity to fire.

Elemental affinity is changed via a magia melder, or by spinning the magia board to make adjustments while in the field.


Rewards Obtained From Combat

When you defeat enemies in battle, you may receive a variety of rewards. Among these possible rewards are Protean Crystals, which may be used to strengthen and enhance Eureka gear.

Specific items are required to enhance Eureka gear.

The quantity and frequency with which protean crystals can be obtained will increase with the elemental level of enemies, the greatest yields coming from those at level 20 or above.

Eureka Anemos8.png

EXP Chains

Upon defeating an enemy, you will have a limited window in which you may attempt to defeat another. If successful, you will initiate an EXP chain. Defeating subsequent enemies while an EXP chain is active will earn you additional elemental EXP. You will also have an increased chance to receive rewards, as well as higher quantities of said rewards.

Eureka Anemos9.png

Notorious Monsters

Eureka anemos2.jpg

In the Forbidden Land, Eureka, you may encounter especially powerful enemies called notorious monsters. You would do well to engage these enemies together with other adventurers if you wish to defeat them. Some notorious monsters will not appear unless certain conditions are met. Speak with other adventurers and share information that you might determine what these conditions are.

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