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Into the Fire

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Into the Fire

Into the Fire.png
Quest giver
The Azim Steppe (X:6.1, Y:23.3)
Quest line
Namazu Main

Required items
1  Effigy Component Materials
1  Squirming Sack (Into the Fire)
1  Invisible Catfish
1  Effigy Components
1  Lava Rock
1  Steppe Sedge
Experience ????? "?????" is not a number.
Gil 2,938
Previous quest
Out of the Frypan
Next quest
Disciples of Creation

Gyoshin is staring at you in a way that suggests another doom-laden prophecy is forthcoming.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Gyoshin is staring at you in a way that suggests another doom-laden prophecy is forthcoming.
  • Gyoshin summons you to a meeting to discuss a matter of dire import. Though he never manages to explain, one can safely assume that, were he given the opportunity, he would say that the Namazu must improve their festival, lest they be annihilated in seven years. Seven years! With that in mind, Seigetsu the Enlightened suggests that they incorporate a bizarre ritual so the festival will be more like the “unforgettable spectacles” once held by the Namazu of yore. Having concluded that Master Matoya would be the best source of information on such rituals, you stow Gyoshin in your bag once again and prepare to make for the Dravanian Hinterlands.
  • After some confusion on Gyoshin's part, you correctly identify Matoya and ask her about odd rituals. She recommends reviving the darkest of practices in order to create a spectacle memorable enough to avert the Namazu's prophesied demise, and swiftly prepares a reference tome on forbidden rituals for you. In the meantime, Gyoshin manages to drink too much tea for his own good, and will have to be carried back to Dhoro Iloh in your luggage.
  • You arrive in Dhoro Iloh and release Gyoshin from his cloth prison only to find that he has befouled your bag. Alas, you have no time to process this sudden and unfortunate addition to your laundry pile, as a scuffle over Matoya's book ensues. Seigetsu the Enlightened sends the tome flying, and while Gyoshin manages to prevent it falling into the bonfire, he himself is not so lucky. The unique experience of being set ablaze inspires him to hold the Wicker Man ritual, and, seeing the fire in his eyes, none have the courage to stop him.
  • Gyoshin puts you in charge of one of the components necessary for the Namazu to build an enormous effigy and hold a sacrificial burning. You are in no position to refuse, so all you can do is follow orders and hope for the best.
  • You hand over your component and help the Namazu build the giant effigy, but Seigetsu the Enlightened points out that the ritual cannot be completed until a live sacrifice is burned. Thankfully, Gyorei is one step ahead of him, and prevents the squabble over who should be incinerated from escalating by offering cloth dolls as a substitute. The Namazu effigy can now continue burning merrily without any off-putting bloodshed.



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