Matoya's Cave

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Y'shtola - Idyllshire (x7, y8)
Requirements Level 59
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 86400    Gil 801
Previous Quest Next Quest
Leaving Idyllshire A Self-possessed Pastime
A Statuesque Interest
A Straightforward Fancy
Forbidden Knowledge
Have I Toad You Lately
Saro Roggo's Common Life


The Magic Word is Y'shtola


  • Speak with Y'shtola outside Matoya's Cave.
  • Examine the wall and defeat any enemies that appear.
  • Speak with Y'shtola.


  • Y'shtola is ready to lead you to Matoya's Cave.
  • According to Y'shtola, the cave in which Matoya resides is situated on the southern edge of the Dravanian hinterlands. Follow the road south through the Answering Quarter, ford the stream when you come to a broken bridge, and rejoin your companions at the base of a bluff.
  • You arrive at the bluff, but there is no cave to be seen. Set aside your skepticism and do as Y'shtola bids: lay a hand upon the nearby wall, and have the other ready to draw your weapon.
  • Laying your hand on the wall, you are set upon by ferocious frogs, but they are no match for you. Speak with Y'shtola to receive further instructions.
  • Y'shtola leads you inside the cave, where you are greeted by Matoya. Following a touching reunion and a brief trip down memory lane, Alphinaud reveals to the old hermit the purpose of your visit: building an aetheric ram and gaining entry to Azys Lla. Much to Y'shtola's surprise, her ordinarily truculent master agrees to lend her aid to your cause.