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Ocean Fishing is exclusive to fishers which allow them to set sail together on the Endeavor in search of adventure on the high seas. It requires a party of 1 to 24 players and has the time limit of 60 minutes. It was introduced in patch 5.2 of Shadowbringers expansion.


Participating in Ocean Fishing

Every two hours (Earth time), players have a fifteen-minute window to register by speaking with Dryskthota on the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:3.0 Y:12.7). If you wish to enter as a party, the party leader must be the one to speak with the NPC.

  • Players will be matched together to form a full party when participating solo or with a party of fewer than eight members.
  • The ship will depart even if there are fewer than 24 crew members.

When ocean fishing is available, the NPC will be marked with an "!" icon on the map.

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Availability and Routes

Depending on the time slot, the route taken and time of arrival at the destination may vary. For more information, speak with Dryskthota on the Limsa Lominsa lower decks (X:3.0 Y:12.7) and select "View Sailing Schedule." You can also set an alarm for the time of departure via subcommands.

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Fishing on the Endeavor

The Endeavor sails to fishing locations such as Costa del Sol and Horizon, allowing you to see the sights of Eorzea as never before. Players will have seven minutes to reel in fish at each location, with various rewards on offer.


While Versatile Lures can be used, there are other types of lure created especially for the Endeavor. To purchase these lures, speak with the Merchant & Mender on the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:3.2 Y:12.8) or onboard the Endeavor (X:6.1 Y:6.1).

Route Bait
Bloodbrine Sea Krill icon1.png  Krill
The Ciedalaes Ragworm icon1.png  Ragworm
Galadion Bay Plump worm icon1.png  Plump Worm
Rhotano Sea Plump worm icon1.png  Plump Worm
Rothlyt Sound Plump worm icon1.png  Plump Worm
Southern Merlthor Krill icon1.png  Krill
Northern Merlthor Ragworm icon1.png  Ragworm

Other types of lure may also be used.


Rewards are given according to the points earned during ocean fishing.

  • Releasing or discarding fish will not reduce your point total.


Information on points earned, the three most recently caught fish, and time remaining can be viewed during the fishing trip.

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You may also view a list of fish that you have caught in Score Overview.

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Bonuses are awarded upon fulfilling certain conditions, either individually or as a group, which affect the rewards given upon completion.

Spectral Currents

Spectral currents will appear under certain conditions and allow a greater number of fish to be caught for a limited time.

Experience Point Gain

Ocean fishing awards experience points based on your level regardless of which fish are caught, making it ideal for leveling up.


Once three fishing locations have been visited, the voyage will end and final results will be announced.

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Rewards are given according to the total number of points earned. Each individual player's rewards differ according to current level.

Player Level Reward
1 to 49 Experience EXP
50 to 89 Experience EXP
White Gatherers' Scrip White Gatherers' Scrip
90 White Gatherers' Scrip White Gatherers' Scrip
Purple Gatherers' Scrip Purple Gatherers' Scrip
  • Players who abandon ocean fishing prior to completion will not receive any rewards.
  • To obtain gatherer's scrips, players must first complete the quest Feature QuestInscrutable Tastes.

Shops & Services

Vendor Name Vendor Profession
Merchant and Mender (The Endeavor) -