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Fall Guys Collaboration 2023 banner art.png
Event Start
October 31, 2023
Event Finish
December 31, 2023
Event Page

Blunderville is a special event that took place from October 31, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

The Fall Guys collaboration brings party royale-style excitement to the Gold Saucer. Harness your inner Bean to triumph over obstacles and rise above the rest!

— Event description

Fall Guys Collaboration trailer


  • This event was repeated a second time on May 23, 2024 to June 10, 2024.


  1. Unlock the Gold Saucer by talking to the Well-heeled Youth at Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:9.6, Y:9.0) to start the quest Feature QuestIt Could Happen to You. Players must be level 15 or higher and must have completed at least one of the following main scenario quests: Main Scenario QuestThe Gridanian Envoy, Main Scenario QuestThe Ul'dahn Envoy, or Main Scenario QuestThe Lominsan Envoy.
  2. Complete the following limited-time event quest: Feature QuestJust Crowning Around offered by Lewena in the Gold Saucer (X: 4.8, Y: 6.1).
  3. Win Mgf icon1.png (Manderville Gold Saucer Fame) in Blunderville challenges.
    • MGF is calculated based on your final rank in the show. MGF can be exchanged for rewards by speaking with the MGF trader.
  4. Exchange MGF for prizes from the MGF Trader in Blunderville Square (X:3.8, Y:3.1).

MGF and MGP table

Rewards for each round are granted immediately when the player qualifies to advance to the next round, or is eliminated.

Blunderville MGF and MGP Rewards
Round Reward if eliminated Reward if cleared
Round 1 Mgf icon1.png 50 + MGP 680 Mgf icon1.png 100 + MGP 800
Round 2 Mgf icon1.png 50 + MGP 680 Mgf icon1.png 150 + MGP 910
Round 3 Mgf icon1.png 50 + MGP 680 Mgf icon1.png 200 + MGP 1,030

MGF and MGP rewards are reduced if a show begins with fewer than 24 contestants.

How to Participate

Speak with the Blunderville Registrar to participate in a show. To enter Blunderville Square, you may speak with Wy (X:6.1 Y:7.4) or the Blunderville Attendant (X:5.9 Y:6.3).

Players who have registered for a show will be sent to wait in Lobbyville. The show will begin when 24 challengers have gathered.

If a set amount of time has passed before 24 challengers have gathered, however, the show will begin automatically.

  • Rewards will be adjusted based on the number of challengers in each show.

Party Registration

The party leader must speak with the Blunderville registrar to join the show with their currently formed party. Parties can be registered regardless of size. Cross-world parties are also permitted.

Party members other than the party leader are not required to be in the Blunderville Square at the time of registration.

Alliance Registration

The alliance leader must speak with the Blunderville registrar to join the show with their currently formed alliance. You must have a full alliance of 24 players to participate.

Alliance members other than the alliance leader are not required to be in the Blunderville Square at the time of registration.

  • Rankings for each stage are calculated based on personal progress rather than the entire party or alliance.

How to Play

  • Each show will have three stages in total. Players must complete the objective of each stage to qualify for the next round.
  • Challengers who qualify for the next stage will remain in spectator mode until the next round begins.
  • Challengers who have been eliminated may remain in spectator mode until the end of the show.
    • If you wish to leave spectator mode, you may do so at any time by selecting the Leave button from the Blunderville menu.


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
Just Crowning Around Feature quest 15 Lewena Blunderville






Orchestrion Rolls


Adventurer Plates




Main article: Gold Saucer Achievements
Name Points Task Reward Patch
It's a blunderful life i icon1.png  It's a Blunderful Life I 5 Place first in Blunderville. - 6.51
It's a blunderful life ii icon1.png  It's a Blunderful Life II 5 Place first in Blunderville 10 times. - 6.51
It's a blunderful life iii icon1.png  It's a Blunderful Life III 5 Place first in Blunderville 50 times. - 6.51
It's a blunderful life iv icon1.png  It's a Blunderful Life IV 10 Place first in Blunderville 100 times. Achievement title icon.png King Bean (Male) / Queen Bean (Female) 6.51