Trust, but Verify

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Daily Quest icon.png

Trust, but Verify

Quest giver
Yazel Ahuatan the Able
North Shroud (X:24.5, Y:23.0)
Quest line
Ixali Daily Quests

Required quest
Reaching for Cloud Nine
Required items
1 Bladder component materials icon1.png  Bladder Component Materials
1 Bladder component icon1.png  Bladder Component
Experience ????? "?????" is not a number.
Gil 489

Many would deign to call themselves able, but Yazel Ahuatan the Able goes so far as to claim it as his title.

— In-game description



Make sure you've equipped Ehcatl wristgloves icon1.png  Ehcatl Wristgloves and then craft a Bladder component icon1.png  Bladder Component.



  • Many would deign to call themselves able, but Yazel Ahuatan the Able goes so far as to claim it as his title.
  • Questioning your skills as an artisan, Yazel Ahuatan invites you to prove him wrong by crafting a bladder component with the materials he has provided. His challenge is further complicated by the requirement that you use special facilities in Hyrstmill to craft the component─facilities which are administered by Dametta, a woman of some repute, who may not be amenable to your request.
  • Dametta is willing to grant you permission to use her facilities─provided you carry out a simple task in exchange. A particularly persistent opo-opo has been raiding her stores for some time, and she would have you permanently resolve the situation. With the aid of ripe Mun-Tuy beans, lure the beastkin out from his lair near E-Tatt's Spire and end his reign of terror once and for all. Alternatively, you could converse with the woman further and attempt to persuade her...but that approach may not end well.
  • The notorious bean thief is no more, and the claw you have extricated from its carcass should serve as ample proof. Present it and the bladder component materials to Dametta in Hyrstmill.
  • The claw serves both to horrify Dametta's sensibilities and satisfy her requirements. With the materials provided to you by Yazel Ahuatan, synthesize a bladder component, and deliver it to him at Ehcatl. ※In the event that the status Facility Access: Production wears off or the synthesis ends in failure, you may try again by speaking with Dametta.
  • The most able of Ixal accepts your work with a mighty squa-hawk, satisfied with its quality. Within you he sees a great potential─one which he likens to his own, glimpsed by Chief Totoloc long ago. Weighty words indeed, one might say─though one must always consider the source, as well.