Fire Shard

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Fire Shard

Item type
Blacksmith frame icon.png 1
Goldsmith frame icon.png 2
Weaver frame icon.png 60
Culinarian frame icon.png 3

A tiny crystalline manifestation of aetheric fire energy.

— In-game description

Fire Shards are crystals made up of aetheric fire-aspected energy. Like all crystals, they are used by crafting classes as a catalyst to synthesize items.



Vendor Location / Coordinates Cost
Dreamer (2016) Old Gridania (10.3, 9.1) Fortune egg icon1.png 2

Dropped by Enemies





Quest Type Level Quest Giver
A Treat of Trout Class quest 5 Lyngsath
Bloodied and Bowed Sidequest 8 Aethelgyth
Dodo It Yourself Class quest 10 Lyngsath
Glory Days Sidequest 4 S'dhodjbi
Gorgets Rising Class quest 5 Serendipity
Hammer Time Class quest 5 Brithael
Motivational Speaking Sidequest 1 Gelther
My First Chaser Hammer Class quest 1 Serendipity
My First Cross-pein Hammer Class quest 1 Brithael
My First Skillet Class quest 1 Lyngsath
Reach for the Starboard Daily quest 10 Tazel Meyean the Lettered
Riveting Ramblings Class quest 10 Brithael
Sky-high Main Scenario quest 10 Baderon
Suspiciously Sober Sidequest 1 Ahldskyf
Sweet Words, Shadowy Dealings Sidequest 50 Deputy Postmoogle
The Great Gladiator Sidequest 1 Zazarikku
The Hazy Professor Sidequest 50 Deputy Postmoogle
Throw Some Rings on It Class quest 10 Serendipity
Trust, but Verify Daily quest 1 Yazel Ahuatan the Able
Way of the Blacksmith Class quest 1 Randwulf
Way of the Culinarian Feature quest 1 Charlys
Way of the Goldsmith Feature quest 1 Jemime
What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Golems Daily quest 3 Methuli Cattlan the Hard

Used For

Crystals are used as catalysts in every crafting recipe. Not every single recipe will use Fire Shards, but those that do are too numerous to list.

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