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The Naming of Vath

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The Naming of Vath

The Naming of Vath.png
Quest giver
Vath Storyteller
The Dravanian Forelands (X:24, Y:19)
Quest line
Vath Main

Required quest
Lord of the Hive
Experience 43,200
Gil 1,027
Next quest
Adventurers Don't Get Cold Feet

The Vath Storyteller looks at you, clicking his mandibles nervously.

— In-game description






  • Survey the land for a young melia.
  • Ride the kongamato and use its Fumigate ability on any dragons near the bridge.


  • The Vath storyteller looks at you, clicking his mandibles nervously.
    ※The difficulty of this quest will be synced to your current level.
  • The storyteller explains that Loth ast Vath has a newcomer, who has yet to find his purpose and thus remains nameless. Determined to make himself useful, the new Vath set out towards the Chocobo Forest in search of food to bring back to his brothers and sisters; alas, he has not yet returned. Worrying that the hunters may have mistaken him for a Gnath, the storyteller urges you to venture out to Tailfeather and inquire as to his whereabouts.

※Please note that the difficulty of this quest has been synced to your current level. Furthermore, you may not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted this quest.

  • You find the nameless Vath at Tailfeather, where he has been detained by the hunters for devouring a great amount of gysahl greens set in chocobo traps. Marcechamp offers to release the beastman on the condition that he repays the hunters for the greens by harvesting branches from young meliae, with which to make arrow shafts. The nameless one agrees, and Marcechamp asks you to accompany him so that he does not flee from his task.
  • You follow the nameless one into the Smoldering Wastes, where he tells you he intends to return to Loth ast Vath instead, without repaying his debt. But with a little persuasion on your part, he soon acquiesces to the hunters' task, asking you to help him gather the branches.
  • You harvest the melia branch with little effort. Return to the nameless one with the branch so he may pay his debt to the hunters.
  • You hand the sapling branch to the nameless one. Upon doing so, you notice the little Vath has also gathered a prodigious quantity of his own. Make for Tailfeather to deliver them to Marcechamp.
  • Marcechamp is visibly surprised that the Vath returned to Tailfeather, with a large quantity of branches besides. Satisfied with the Vath's hard work and amused by his honesty, he also offers a reward: a sack of gysahl greens for the nameless one to take home to Loth ast Vath. The nameless one grows excited at the prospect of retrieving items for rewards to share among the colony and declares his resolve to become an adventurer. Report the good news to the Vath storyteller in Loth ast Vath.
  • At Loth ast Vath, the nameless one offers his rewards to the Vath storyteller. While pleased with the gysahl greens he has brought, the storyteller and the fleetfoot are troubled by their colony's sustainability. Though their link with the Overmind has been severed, they continue to depend on the Onemind by stealing what little resources they can from Loth ast Gnath. The nameless Vath, steadfast in his resolve to become an adventurer, offers to travel to faraway lands and obtain rewards for his services to lessen the Vath's reliance on the Onemind. The storyteller accepts this as the nameless one's purpose, and allows him to set up an Adventurers' Guild in Loth ast Vath.
  • The nameless one intends to introduce you to his closest brothers, the stickpeddler, and the keeneye. But the stickpeddler mentions that the keeneye left the colony in search of food. When he notes that he may be surveying the river near the bridge, the nameless one recalls that ferocious dragons are often seen in the area. Fearing for the keeneye's safety, he asks you to check the bridge for dragons, but not to slay them for fear of reprisal. Instead, he bids you ride a kongamato to the bridge and use the smoke-spewing contraption strapped to its belly to drive away any dragons you discover.
  • You seek out the “ferocious” dragons the nameless one mentioned, only to find younglings guarding the bridge playfully. Using the putrid incense strapped to the kongamato's stomach, you spray the younglings, who irritatedly fly away. As the keeneye is nowhere to be seen, return to Loth ast Vath to see if the nameless one has had any luck with finding the keeneye.
  • You arrive at Loth ast Vath to find the keeneye has returned safe and sound. He expresses gratitude and willingness to help the nameless one with finding quests for the Adventurers' Guild to undertake. All that remains is to find a seasoned adventurer to teach the others the tricks of the trade—and that adventurer happens to be you. Overjoyed with the help of his brothers and his established role, the nameless Vath declares a new name for himself: the deftarm.

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