The Smoldering Wastes

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The Smoldering Wastes

The Smoldering Wastes was given its name by the residents of Tailfeather to the hunting grounds of the Gnath. The area is constantly enveloped with a thick, smoky haze due to the censers deployed by the territorial beastmen to ward off Dravanian incursions.

— In-game description

The Smoldering Wastes is a area in The Dravanian Forelands.


Landmark (map icon).png
Loth ast Vath

Cast out from the main colony, a minority of Gnath known as the Nonmind built Loth ast Vath as a sanctuary for other exiles. The word "Vath" is derogatory in the Gnathic tongue, referring to those who can no longer link their thoughts to the Overmind. Possessed of individual personalities unlike their Onemind brothers, the Vath learn to live with each other's differing thoughts in the makeshift colony.

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The Stained One

An enormous toppled statue of a dragon, it has been said that the Stained One is the last of seven figures which graced the forelands nearly a millennia ago-an ancient tribute to the First Brood. However, the Ishgardian Orthodox Church is quick to dismiss this as yet another heretical fabrication.

Vath Relations.png Loth ast Gnath

Built from a highly viscous blend of spittle and Dravanian clay, the nests of the Gnath are surprisingly stable, able to withstand the harsh elements of the Dravanian forelands, the smoke that rises from the mound-like structures is believed to be a sort of incense with a scent that, for reasons unknown, keeps would be dragon invaders at bay.