Masked Carnivale Stages

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See also: The Masked Carnivale and Blue Mage
Act 1Act 2Act 3GilSealsTomestones
All's Well That Starts Well5010:300:20Arena Slime
Arena Dullahan
30005040 poetics
Much Ado About Pudding5023:302:30Arena Pudding
Arena Marshmallow
Arena Bavarois
Arena Gelato
Arena Flan
Arena Licorice
30005040 poetics
Waiting for Golem5033:452:45Zipacna30005040 poetics
Gentlemen Prefer Swords5043:302:35Arena Bat
Arena Wolf
Kreios30005040 poetics
The Threepenny Turtles5051:200:45Brotherly Gil Turtle30005040 poetics
Eye Society5063:202:25Arena Catoblepas
Arena Mandragora
Arena Catoblepas
Arena Mandragora
Arena Eye
30005040 poetics
A Chorus Slime5073:302:40Ice Sprite
Lava Slime
Ice Sprite
Lava Slime
Lava Slime
Gladiatorial Node
500010080 poetics
Bomb-edy of Errors5083:452:45Arena Snoll
Arena Bomb
Arena Snoll
Arena Progenitrix
Arena Cherry Bomb
500010080 poetics
To Kill a Mockingslime5094:453:30Guimauve500010080 poetics
A Little Knight Music50104:303:10Crom Dubh500010080 poetics
Some Like It Excruciatingly Hot50113:302:30Arena Gas BombArena Gas Bomb500010080 poetics
The Plant-om of the Opera50124:303:10Arena RoseletHydnora500010080 poetics
Beauty and a Beast50134:303:30Arena Haagenti
Arena Vodoriga
Carmilla500010080 poetics
Blobs in the Woods50143:002:30Arena JamArena Jam500010080 poetics
The Me Nobody Nodes50154:453:45Bestial Node500010080 poetics
Sunset Bull-evard50164:303:30Arena CyclopsTikbalang500010080 poetics
The Sword of Music50175:304:15Right Claw
Left Claw
Kreios500010080 poetics
Midsummer Night's Explosion50186:004:20Arena Manticore
Firesand Keg
Arena Manticore
Firesand Keg
500010080 poetics
On a Clear Day You Can Smell Forever50195:004:00Reflective RebekkahReflective Rebekkah500010080 poetics
Miss Typhon50206:005:10TyphonUltrosUltros
500010080 poetics
Chimera on a Hot Tin Roof50214:153:15Arena ImpApademak500010080 poetics
Here Comes the Boom50225:004:00Arena GrenadeThe Forefather500010080 poetics
Behemoths and Broomsticks50235:003:45Kronprinz Behemoth500010080 poetics
Amazing Technicolor Pit Fiends50246:455:40Arena Viking
Arena Magus
Arena ScribeEpilogi500010080 poetics
Dirty Rotten Azulmagia50258:457:15AzulmagiaAzulmagiaAzulmagia10000200160 poetics
Papa Mia60265:004:00Arena MirrorknightPapa Humbaba500010080 poetics
Lock up Your Snorters60274:002:20Typhon500010080 poetics
Dangerous When Dead60286:005:00Durinn500010080 poetics
Red, Fraught, and Blue60298:007:00Shikigami of the PyreShikigami of the Undertow500010080 poetics
The Catch of the Siegfried60307:306:30SiegfriedSiegfriedSiegfried10000200160 poetics
Anything Gogo's70317:406:50Gogo, Master of Mimicry (boss)Gogo, Master of Mimicry (boss)10000200160 poetics
A Golden Opportunity (duty)80327:406:50GoldorGoldor10000200160 poetics