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The Lost clan (失われた一族, Ushinawareta ichizoku, meaning The clan of the Lost) are nomadic tribes made up of Hrothgar that have turned their backs on their Queen and serve no one, choosing instead to be free.[1]


Hailing from Northern Ilsabard, like the Helion clan, the Lost once served a monarch. However, for one reason or another, they turned their backs on their queen and left their homeland in the hopes of finding freedom, growing to prefer a nomadic lifestyle.[1] To fit this lifestyle, the Lost often take jobs and work that won't restrict their freedom and ability to travel. The techniques of the Gunbreaker are said to be inhereted from the Hrothgar from Northern Ilsabard and passed down generations. Their weapons are what the Garlean Empire based theirs on after their invasion and eventual takeover.

Physical Features

Like their Helion bretheren, the Lost are massive muscular Leonine humanoids with large fangs and claws, causing mass panic upon finally reaching the shores of Eorzea. The largest of the Lost can get up to 84 inches tall. Their skin is generally colored in light blues, blacks and grays. Their fur and patterning also lean towards lighter, colder colors. This is said to reflect the fact that they "are no longer near the warmth of their queen".[2]


The Lost are believed to be the clan that created the art of the Gunbreaker, mastering the weapon known as the gunblade.[3] This martial style was passed down from generation to generation, and was the style used by the personal guard of the first queen Gunnhildr, who became known as the Blades of Gunnhildr.[3] Leaving their homeland behind and becoming a nomadic tribe, The Lost became known for taking jobs in the trades, namely mercenaries, traders and peddlars, to name a few.[3] valuing the freedom to travel, they will turn down work that would conflict with their nomadic lifestyle.[1]


Hrothgar names are based around Slavic naming conventions, with the word "Thgar" meaning glory. The Hrothgar base their names on complex clan conventions, with scholars categorizing their names based on their social standing. Given that the Lost do not follow a queen and therefore do not follow the tradition of naming themselves in relation to their ruler, their names are given the suffix "sch", meaning lost in their tongue.[3]

Notable Lost

Notes and Trivia

Dispite not being loyal to a monarchy or queen, The majority of the Bozjan Reistance, including their leader, is made up of Hrothgar from The Lost clan.


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