Nhaza'a Jaab

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Nhaza'a Jaab is a Miqo'te found in Western La Noscea. He is a recurring antagonist in the Allied Tribal Quests.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Clutching at Straws Sidequest 50 Voyce
Digging for Answers Sidequest 50 Novv
Rattled in Ehcatl Sidequest 50 Skaetswys
Ash Not What Your Brotherhood Can Do for You Sidequest 50 Tataramu
Friends Forever Sidequest 50 Hamujj Gah
Lift Me to the Moon Sidequest 60 Vath Deftarm
Eternity, Loyalty, Honesty Sidequest 60 Vath Deftarm
The Ananta Maid's Tail Sidequest 70 East Aldenard Trading Company Assistant
Ruby Seas under Ruby Skies Sidequest 70 J'olhmyn
Fish in a Barrel Sidequest 70 J'olhmyn
What a Wonder-full World Sidequest 70 Kabuto

Additional Information


Also known as the Ebon Claw, Nhaza'a is a ruthless sellsword who is known for his feats of merciless cruelty. Looking down on all others, he searches only for the one who can rival his immense power, and doesn't care about who gets hurt in the process. He threw his lot in with an Alchemist known as Memeriga, who plotted to resurrect an army of undead Beastmen to do his bidding, either as a personal standing army or to be sold off to the highest bidder.

He first crossed paths with the Warrior of Light when they chased him and his men down to rescue a Sahagin child he captured from his vessel. When the Warrior of Light was unable to reach the boat, Clutchfather Novv traversed the water and attacked the boat. Nhaza'a distracted him until the boat bumped into a small rock, then when the Sahagin turned to see that his son was safe, he attacked with throwing knives, knocking Novv into the water. With that, he made his escape.

In the fight, Nhaza'a failed to notice that Novv had struck a massive hole in the bottom of the boat, forcing him to take to shore in Aleport. It was there that he narrowly avoided capture, and made off with Bouu.

Nhaza'a was later spotted near the 175th Kobold dig, where he captured yet another Beastman, Bi Bi. As he fled, he was intercepted by a mysterious girl named Sylvie, but he easily staved off her attacks and made his escape in an Airship. He continued to round up various Beastmen until he was tracked down by Loonh Gah, Sylvieand the Warrior of Light. They confronted him in his room at the Platinum Mirage, where he revealed everything his employer was planning, as well as his personal reason for doing what he does. When Loonh Gah attacked him with a knife, he disarmed her with one hand and flipped her onto her back with ease. When he divulged what his master was planning at the Invisible City in Thanalan, the group left to stop Memeriga.

When the Warrior of Light and Silbexio made to stop Memeriga and his bodyguards, Nhaza'a battled against the leaders of the tribes, Hamujj Gah of the Amalj'aa, Novv, Sezul Totoloc of the Ixal, Frixio of the Sylph, and 789th Order Pickman Gi Gu. Together, they employed various methods to overcome Nhaza'a's overwhelming power and swordplay skills. Though they believed they had dealt a fatal blow and sent him into the gorge below, Nhaza'a merely escaped on his airship, promising revenge. Gi Gu however activated explosives planted on the vessel to blow it to pieces.

Surviving the explosion and subsequent fall, Nhaza'a escaped to Ishgard to continue as a sellsword. He stole a vessel from The Temple Knights, and soon came into contact with Drusus mal Soranus, a Garlean student of the Magitek Academy. He hired Nhaza'a to use an ancient Allagan weapon that would enslave the heart and mind of even a Dragon. Choosing Gullinbursti, a massive red Dragon as his target, he fired the weapon and enslaved him, driving him to attack his allies, then escaped to the Sea of Clouds.

While he was bathing, Nhaza'a was set upon by the Vath Deftarm, Linu Vali and the Warrior of Light. He greeted the Warrior of Light snidely, asking if they were here to "delight" him again. When questioned, he explained that he was hired simply to fire the weapon, and did not care to even remember the name of his client, and did not care what happened. He fooled Deftarm in lowering his weapon, then pulled out the firearm and began posturing and threatening to shoot one of his allies. When other Gundu warriors happened upon the disturbance, he turned the weapon on them, driving them mad, then used the upheaval to escape.

At Azys Lla, Nhaza'a is confronted by Ohl Deeh, Deftarm and the Warrior of Light. When his employer orders him to destroy them, he instead uses the Allagan technology to turn Gullinbursti on Drusus, killing him with fire. When Ohl Deeh rouses Gullinbursti to his senses with a roar, thr group turn on Nhaza'a. Deftarm blasts the Allagan weapon out of his hand, and it is destroyed by Linu Vali. With few options left, he flees over the side of the cliff in a Manacutter, which is shot out of the sky by Deftarm.

After somehow surviving an even greater explosion and fall, Nhaza'a made his way to Kugane, where he wound up hired by a man named Kageyama, who tasked him with finding the Three Wonders so that he may trade them for a woman's hand in marriage. Nhaza'a stole a piece of Materia from the Kojin of the Blue named Kabuto, who believed the Materia housed the soul of his friend Tsukumo. Retreating back to Kugane, Nhaza'a stops at the Bokaisen Hot Springs to rest. He hears the bath's patrons talking about a "mermaid", which ended up being an Ananta named Alpa, who he kidnaps as she is "close enough". He then kidnaps a Namazu named Gyorei for her fins.

Bringing the makeshift "Three Wonders" to Kugane, he is stopped by J'olhmyn, Kabuto, M'zhet Tia and the Warrior of Light. When the Namazu ram the boat, distracting him, Kabuto attacked. All the commotion attracted the attention of the Sekiseigumi, which forced Nhaza'a to flee. He stole a boat and began to sail away, but M'zhet threw a grenade into the boat. Nhaza'a jumped over the side of the boat, but when it doesn't detonate, he mocks the group for not being able to stop him. At that moment, a shark approaches and dragged Nhaza'a under the water, leaving only his mask behind. His fate is currently unknown.