Friends Forever

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Friends Forever

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Quest giver
Hamujj Gah
Southern Thanalan (X:23, Y:14)
Quest line
Allied Tribal Quests
Gil 3,000
Previous quest
Side QuestAsh Not What Your Brotherhood Can Do for You

Hamujj Gah would make a plea to a fellow seeker of absolute martial perfection.

— In-game description





  • Hamujj Gah would make a plea to a fellow seeker of absolute martial perfection.
  • Hamujj Gah would see his hatchlings returned safely to the Ring of Ash. Consult with Yadovv Gah and formulate a plan of attack.
  • Though Yadovv Gah has no insight as to the whereabouts of the kidnapper and the abducted hatchlings, he suspects that the enigmatic Sylvie might, as she has requested your presence in Ul'dah. Overhearing your conversation, Loonh Gah offers to accompany you to the sultanate in place of Yadovv Gah, who would likely face another rude welcome were he to join you. Travel back to the city-state and meet Sylvie by the Gate of Nald.
  • Sylvie welcomes you back to Ul'dah and tells you that there is someone she would have you meet. Rendezvous with her by the Gate of Thal.
  • Sylvie introduces you to Shanga Meshanga, chairman of the Ashcrown Consortium, a benevolent organization dedicated to improving the lives of beastmen through the trading of crystals and other mutually beneficial commodities. Deeply disturbed by the recent abductions, Master Shanga offers to lend his aid to your investigation. In the meantime, Sylvie informs you that Momodi is looking for you at the Quicksand.
  • At the Quicksand, you reunite with Tataramu, Voyce, and Skaetswys, who have also come to Ul'dah to assist in tracking down the abducted beastmen. Your friends agree to split up and gather─in their respective areas of expertise─whatever information might be had on the perpetrators of the crime. Speak with Tataramu at the Ul'dah airship landing, Voyce at the Alchemists' Guild, Skaetswys at the Hall of Flames, and Loonh Gah at the Platinum Mirage, and see what clues they have managed to dig up.
  • You have spoken with all your comrades and compiled the clues that they were able to gather. Return to the Ashcrown Consortium headquarters and share the knowledge with Sylvie.
  • The truth behind the beastmen abductions is frightful indeed. Memeriga, an unscrupulous merchant known as the Deathmonger, intends to raise an army of undead beastmen. With time running short, seek out his hired blade, Nhaza'a Jaab, at his lodgings at the Platinum Mirage, that you might extract from him the whereabouts of his master. As you will require all the reinforcements you can muster, take the elegant dress furnished to you by Sylvie to Loonh Gah, that she might accompany you into the exclusive establishment.
  • Upon entering Nhaza'a Jaab's quarters, a brief scuffle ensues, and the fearsome sellsword easily brushes off Loonh Gah's attack. Despite having no real incentive to do so, Nhaza'a Jaab reveals that Memeriga may be found at the Invisible City, seemingly intrigued by the prospect of facing you and your comrades in a battle to the death. Meanwhile, Sylvie reveals herself as a sylph by the name of Silbexio, and you finally understand why the young girl was so passionate about seeking revenge for the lost beastmen. Silbexio offers to accompany you to the site of the final confrontation. Travel there and rendezvous with your sylph friend.
  • You arrive at the Invisible City, where Memeriga's dark plots are about to take shape. You and Silbexio charge the camp, where your path is blocked by the Deathmonger's contingent of bodyguards. Fortunately, your beastman allies arrive on the scene with impeccable timing, providing a much-welcome opening for you and Silbexio. While your comrades square off with Nhaza'a Jaab, fight your way through Memeriga's defenses and blast his cauldron to pieces using the smoldering scalebomb entrusted to you.
  • The smoldering scalebomb makes short work of the cauldron, foiling Memeriga's dread plot once and for all. In the meantime, your beastman allies are not faring as well in their battle against the Ebon Claw. Clutchfather Novv's attack is disarmed with ease, and it appears hope is lost. However, the true strength of the Beastman Alliance only truly emerges when they fight as one. Protected by Elder Frixio's magical shield, Hamujj Gah penetrates the Miqo'te sellsword's defenses and stuns him with a crushing blow. In the next instant, Sezul Totoloc tosses his weapon to Clutchfather Novv, who leaps to the sky. Given extra momentum by a bomb booster pack triggered by Gi Gu, he flies at Nhaza'a Jaab, striking a mighty blow. In utter disbelief at his own defeat, the battered sellsword stumbles over the walls to what seems like his demise...until the Miqo'te safely lands on Memeriga's airship, which he had commandeered as his personal escape vessel. Swearing revenge, he attempts to flee to safety, but is quickly brought down almost by accident when Gi Gu detonates a set of bombs that had found their way on board. Meanwhile, a contingent of Brass Blades has come at the behest of the Ashcrown Consortium to arrest Memeriga for his crimes. The battle is finally won. Take a deep breath, then speak with Silbexio and share in the joy of victory.
  • Silbexio reunites with Elder Frixio, who expresses his profound gratitude for your efforts. Thanking you for all that you have done to bring the beast tribes of Eorzea together, he takes his leave and departs for Little Solace. Silbexio─or Sylvie─would return to the Ashcrown Consortium and speak with you there. Return to Ul'dah and seek out your friend.
  • Having assumed once more the identity of Sylvie, your friend offers her gratitude for all that you have done. Despite the many tragedies and hardships she has suffered, she has emerged stronger than ever, with an unshakable belief that anything is possible when two parties put aside their differences for the greater good. Confident that the friendships that you helped form in your adventures with the beast tribes will show the way to a better tomorrow, she thanks you, and takes her leave.