Digging for Answers

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Digging for Answers

Digging for Answers.png
Quest giver
Western La Noscea (X:16, Y:22)
Quest line
Allied Beast Tribe

Gil 1,190
Previous quest
Clutching at Straws
Next quest
Rattled in Ehcatl

Novv would make a request of you, clutchfather to daughter.

— In-game description




  • Search for the kidnapper's skiff in Aleport.
  • Speak with Baderon in Limsa Lominsa.
  • Speak with the 175th Order kobolds at the Kobold Dig.
  • Track down the kidnapper at the Kobold Dig.


  • Novv would make a request of you, clutchfather to daughter.
  • Considering you one of his own, the wounded clutchfather Novv entrusts you with the rescue of the kidnapped Bouu. He explains to you that after falling to the masked Miqo'te, he managed to punch a hole in the culprit's skiff with his spear. Thus surmising that the vessel has been taken to Aleport for repairs, he bids you go in pursuit.
  • No sooner do you locate the kidnapper's vessel than the enigmatic Sylvie appears, informing you that your quarry has once again eluded your─and her─grasp. She further reveals that the one you seek is a shadowy figure known as the Ebon Claw, and suggests that Baderon at the Drowning Wench may be able to tell you more about your man.
  • As Baderon tells it, the Ebon Claw is the epithet of Nhaza'a Jaab─an erstwhile adventurer and incomparable swordsman who now makes his trade as a hired blade to the most unscrupulous individuals in the realm. He warns you that it is in your best interests to steer well clear of the man, then recalls that Lieutenant Trachraet of the Maelstrom was asking around for you not long ago.
  • Trachraet explains that he was searching for you on behalf of his fellow storm lieutenant Skaetswys, who it would seem has another kobold crisis on her hands. Reunite with her at the 789th Order Dig and see what the trouble is this time.
  • Speaking with Skaetswys reveals an unsurprising turn of events─the kidnapper has struck again, this time ambushing a group of kobolds of the 175th Order in the heart of the Kobold Dig. Travel to the scene of the crime and question the victims in the hopes of tracking your quarry.
  • In shock and in shambles, the kobolds of the 175th Order explain that their alchemist, the beloved Bi Bi, was captured by a fearsome swordsman. As they tell it, he fled to the south, pursued by a mysterious green-haired girl. There may yet be time to catch your quarry.
  • You find Sylvie collapsed on the ground, clinging tenuously to consciousness. With labored breaths, she explains in frustration that she tracked Nhaza'a Jaab here, but was powerless to stop him. Return to the 789th Order Dig and report this distressing news to Skaetswys.
  • You return to the 789th Order Dig to find Sylvie lying on the ground, her condition grave. She implores you to put a stop to the Ebon Claw's madness, while implying that there is yet another mastermind behind the scenes...before falling unconscious from her wounds. With Gi Gu proving ever incompetent, Skaetswys takes it upon herself to carry the girl to Camp Overlook to recuperate. Upon her return, she asks you to share any knowledge you have about your quarry, in hopes of plotting your next course of action.

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