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Fish in a Barrel

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Ruby Seas under Ruby Skies

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:6.0, Y:14.2)
Quest line
Allied Beast Tribe Quests

Experience 0
Gil 1,183
Previous quest
Ruby Seas under Ruby Skies
Next quest
What a Wonder-full World

— In-game description

J'olhmyn seems uncertain of how to proceed.


  • Speak with Kabuto at Dhoro Iloh.
  • Search for Gyorei at the Dawn Throne.
  • Speak with Gyoshin.
  • Speak with Gyoshin.


After some deliberation, the group decides to leave searching for Alpa to the Kojin of the Blue, that you might track down the villain before he kidnaps another innocent to obtain the Philosopher's Fin. However, one more problem presents itself: given his lax standards for Immortal Treasures, it is unclear whether Jaab will make a Namazu of Yuzuka Manor or one from Dhoro Iloh his next target. To cover more ground, you and Kabuto agree to split up with the two Miqo'te and speak with Seigetsu the Enlightened whilst they investigate the situation in Yanxia.

As expected, you find Seigetsu the Enlightened at Dhoro Iloh. It transpires that a performance based on the "Grey Kings of Orient" carol is planned for the Seven Hundred Seventy-Seven's next festival activity, and they have been spreading word of it far and wide. Most interestingly, the production includes the role of "philosopher-king" and─though there clearly was significant disagreement on the subject─said role has long since been assigned to Gyorei. Judging that the temptation of a Namazu called "philosopher-king" would be irresistible to Nhaza'a, you conclude that Gyorei will almost certainly be his next target. Unfortunately, she is currently away from Dhoro Iloh on an errand, so you can only hope to catch up to her before Nhaza'a does.

You search for Gyorei at the Dawn Throne, but are unable to reach her before Nhaza'a unceremoniously stuffs her in a barrel. Seeing your approach, he hastily kicks said barrel over the edge and into the waters below, jumping down and swiftly disappearing after it.

Unsure what to do now, you consult with J'olhmyn via linkpearl. She proposes that you attempt to rout Nhaza'a in Kugane, where the thief will almost certainly be heading to pass off his faux Three Wonders on an unsuspecting maiden or hopeful suitor. Though you are eager to make it back to the port city before Nhaza'a does, you agree to first report back to Seigetsu the Enlightened, lest he have any wisdom to offer.

Gyoshin relates the woeful tale of Gyorei's capture to Seigetsu the Enlightened, and is on the point of joining your rescue operation when his wiser compatriot points out that he, unprepared for battle as he is, would likely not be of much use. Thus you part from the two Namazu, Seigetsu the Enlightened vowing to design an "infallible" stratagem to defeat Nhaza'a Jaab before the pair meets you in Kugane.



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