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The Hole Truth

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The Hole Truth

Breaking New Ground.png
Quest giver
Foundation (X:12.9, Y:12.0)
Required items
3 Adamantite ore icon1.png  Adamantite Ore
1 Sellswords sack icon1.png  Sellswords' Sack
Experience 662,500
Gil 2,946
Previous quest
Feature QuestDigging Deeper
Next quest
Feature QuestGift of the Gob

Haimirich has a look of gratitude on his face.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


Level 60 Mining from level 60 Unspoiled Mineral Deposit in Azys Lla, Beta Quadrant (X:24.0 Y:5.4 Z:6.0)

12AM/PM Eorzean Time
Perception 408 required



  • Haimirich has a look of gratitude on his face.
  • You and Haimirich are joined by a knight of House Fortemps and Hatchling. The former tells you that the Holy See itself has expressed interest in further surveying the Dravanian hinterlands for mineral wealth, and has asked for Oschon's Raiders by name. However, the knight continues, House Fortemps cannot provide any aid. Haimirich accepts these conditions, but Hatchling does not, and tells his captain so in no uncertain terms after the knight leaves. With a weary sigh, Haimirich enjoins you to come to Idyllshire, whence to begin your survey.
  • You arrive in Idyllshire to find only Haimirich and Muscles. It seems the company was attacked while you were traveling, leaving two Raiders badly wounded. Hatchling chased after the monsters, and has not been seen since. As you cannot possibly cover the entire area in time, Haimirich asks that you speak with Midnight Dew to see if any of the inhabitants of Idyllshire saw where Hatchling went.
  • Midnight Dew is willing but unable to help, as Hatchling went missing in an area of the Ruling Quarter untraveled by Idyllshire's inhabitants. However, a wandering goblin trader has been known to pass through there. He can be persuaded to help should you deliver to him three chunks of adamantite ore. This, Midnight Dew informs you, can be mined in Azys Lla─though she herself has never heard of it, and doubts it exists at all.
  • The goblin trader is overjoyed to have his adamantite ore, and promises to not only tell you and Haimirich where Hatchling has vanished, but guide you there as well. Return to Haimirich with the glad tidings.
  • Haimirich thanks you for dealing with the goblin trader, and races off to find Hatchling in the Ruling Quarter. Follow him and help find the boy.
  • You find Hatchling at the bottom of a cliff. Thankfully, the boy is none the worse for the tumble, save a potentially broken leg. Having rescued him, Haimirich finally explains in full why he has been so tough on Hatchling. His own brother, Gevehard, put Oschon's Raiders in a terrible position through his rashness years before. Unable to save both his company and his brother, Haimirich chose the former, and left his brother to die. The decision has haunted him since, though he believes it was the right one. He is glad that he was able to save Hatchling. As you all turn to leave, the captain gives you a heavy sack of loot to give to Midnight Dew for her help. Return to Idyllshire, and deliver it to her in person.
  • Midnight Dew accepts the heavy sack with thanks, and listens as you tell her what has transpired. However, she is shocked to learn Gevehard's name, for it seems he lived after Haimirich left him to die. Indeed, the younger brother was given succor by the goblins, and valiantly served Idyllshire until dying a hero's death. Return now to Ishgard's Forgotten Knight, and tell Haimirich what really happened to his brother.
  • Haimirich is understandably amazed to learn his brother survived being left in the wilderness. Though the captain must forever live with the terrible decision he made that day, he is glad to learn that Gevehard became a man in his own right. He informs you that Oschon's Raiders will move on from Ishgard before long to spread their name and fame throughout the realm. But they will always remember you, the miner who did so much good for them.
    • ※The next miner quest will be available from Adalberta once you have met the following requirements:
    • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood must be registered to your service account.
    • ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest “The Far Edge of Fate.”