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Taking Stock

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Taking Stock

Quest giver
Midnight Dew
Idyllshire (X:5.8, Y:6.6)

Required quest
Leaving Idyllshire
Experience 40,800
Gil 570
Next quest
What the Boat Brought In

Steam appears to be rising from Midnight Dew's beautifully bedecked ears.

— In-game description




The stolen items are located at (x14.4, y24.2, z1.1). They are on the platform structure at this location.


  • Search for the stolen items.
  • Retrieve the stolen items.


  • Steam appears to be rising from Midnight Dew's beautifully bedecked ears.
  • Midnight Dew's entire stock has been stolen by a band of thieves, who have been seen escaping into the Sharlayan ruins. She asks you to assist her in tracking the bandits down, and bids you meet with her in the Answering Quarter to begin the hunt.
  • You meet with Midnight Dew in the Answering Quarter and she briefs you on her plan to catch the robbers. As the stock they stole is too heavy to be transported on foot, she predicts that the bandits hope to escape by boat. While she contacts her comrades to have them stake out the riverbank, she asks that you investigate the Answering Quarter ruins to see if any sign of the bandits or their ill-gotten booty yet remains.
  • You chance upon a trio of bandits (x14,y24) guarding a chest and they immediately attack. Lay the thugs low and retrieve the stolen goods.
  • You collect the chest the thugs were guarding, a heavy casket of oak and gold marked with the initials “M” and “D.” Return the stolen goods to Midnight Dew to the north of the Answering Quarter.
  • You present the chest to Midnight Dew, who immediately recognizes it as her own. She thanks you for its recovery, and asks that you continue to lend her your expert assistance in retrieving the remainder of her inventory.

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