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The Value of Silence

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The Value of Silence

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:29.4, Y:16.5)
Quest line
Kojin Main Quests

Required items
1  Stolen Bow
Experience ?????
"?????" is not a number.
Gil 1,415
Previous quest
Under Wraps
Next quest

The look in Kabuto's eyes suggests he recently received good news.
※ The difficulty of this quest will be synced to your current level.

— In-game description



  • The look in Kabuto's eyes suggests he recently received good news.
    ※ The difficulty of this quest will be synced to your current level.
  • There is treasure in the Azim Steppe, and Kabuto is able to relay the news to you with surprising clarity. Because the Kojin are unfamiliar with the Steppe, Tsukumo asks that you accompany them on this expedition. No sooner do you consent than they make for Reunion.
  • When you arrive at Reunion, Kabuto and Tsukumo are eager to begin their search. They suggest splitting up to speak with as many of the settlement's inhabitants as possible.
  • You hear various rumors of a bow which grants its user strength beyond belief, its owner being a young boy of the Qestir tribe named Uchikin. Perhaps Kabuto has additional information to share.
  • Kabuto tells you of his awkward and otherwise fruitless conversation with the Qestir tribe. Though they had no words of insight to offer, Kabuto believes the Qestir's mannerisms suggested they go and see the bow for themselves. Tsukumo suggests you split up once more to search for the young boy and his bow.
  • You find a young Qestiri boy who you believe to be Uchikin, but his bow is nowhere to be found. His sullen expression suggests it was stolen. Realizing you have come to help he says nary a word, but points southeast. You head in that direction expecting to find his bow, and likely trouble as well.
  • It does not take long for you to find Uchikin's bow, and the two Red Kojin who stole it. A quick thrashing as only you could give sends them running. Uchikin will be quite pleased to have his bow returned to him.
  • Uchikin is silent, but his look of relief upon being reunited with his bow speaks volumes. It soon becomes clear that bow has no supernatural powers nor is Uchikin a naturally gifted marksman. In truth, his talent is born from the incredible time and dedication he poured into honing his skills. Kabuto and Tsukumo have no interest in asking for something he considers so precious and are ready to depart when Uchikin's father hands them an envelope. Enclosed within is a document granting the Blue Kojin leave to barter and trade in Reunion. There are, however, still finer details of the agreement that must be discussed. Tsukumo and Kabuto follow Uchikin's father back to Reunion and ask you to meet with them back in Tamamizu.
  • All things considered, talks with the Qestir went smoothly. The future of trade for the Blue Kojin seems bright, but Kabuto is concerned he relies far too heavily on your strength. It seems Kabuto still has much to learn of what it means to lead.



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