Ishgardian Restoration Sidequests

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Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
If Songs Had Wings Feature quest 60 Ehll Tou
O Crafter, My Crafter Feature quest 70 Ehll Tou Custom Deliveries (Ehll Tou) 5 Mejillones al ajillo icon1.png  Mejillones al Ajillo
5 Arros negre icon1.png  Arros Negre
An Ode to Unity Feature quest 70 Ehll Tou 3 Crab cakes icon1.png  Crab Cakes
3 Chili crab icon1.png  Chili Crab
On Ehll Tou's Wings Feature quest 70 Hautdilong 1 Ehll tou whistle icon1.png  Ehll Tou Whistle
Adventurers and Admirers Sidequest 60 Earnest Adventurer
Calling All Adventurers Sidequest 60 Philestiaux
A Gathering of Gaelicats Sidequest 60 House Haillenarte Soldier
Of Steam, Sweat, and Water Sidequest 60 Blissful Bather 10 Magicked prism (house dzemael) icon1.png  Magicked Prism (House Dzemael)
Swords to Plowshares Sidequest 60 Edilaude 10 Magicked prism (ishgard) icon1.png  Magicked Prism (Ishgard)
Planting the Seed Sidequest 60 Small Sack 1 Brightlily seeds icon1.png  Brightlily Seeds
The Brume Lifts Feature quest 60 Charlemend de Durendaire 1 Magicked prism (house fortemps) icon1.png  Magicked Prism (House Fortemps)
1 Magicked prism (house durendaire) icon1.png  Magicked Prism (House Durendaire)
You Can Count on It Feature quest 70 Francel Custom Deliveries (Count Charlemend de Durendaire) 3 Baked onion soup icon1.png  Baked Onion Soup
3 Stuffed cabbage rolls icon1.png  Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Those Who Serve Feature quest 70 Maurilette 3 Crab cakes icon1.png  Crab Cakes
3 Chili crab icon1.png  Chili Crab
Shadow over the Orphanage Sidequest 60 Ruffled Resident 1 Kukuru rusk icon1.png  Kukuru Rusk
Small Hands, Big Hearts Sidequest 60 Peyraquile 1 Exquisite beef stew icon1.png  Exquisite Beef Stew
A Fashionable Friendship Sidequest 60 Peyraquile
Warm Hands, Warm Hearts Sidequest 60 Peyraquile 1 Magicked prism (temple knights) icon1.png  Magicked Prism (Temple Knights)
Mislaid Plans Feature quest 80 Skysteel Engineer 1 Skysteel prototype coffer icon1.png  Skysteel Prototype Coffer
Work It Harder, Make It Better Feature quest 80 Neillemard Modern design icon1.png  Modern Design 5 Mejillones al ajillo icon1.png  Mejillones al Ajillo
5 Arros negre icon1.png  Arros Negre
In Everyone's Best Interests Feature quest 80 Neillemard
Ever Skyward Repeatable Feature quest 80 Nimie 1 Dragonsung saw icon1.png  Augmented Dragonsung Saw
1 Dragonsung cross-pein hammer icon1.png  Augmented Dragonsung Cross-pein Hammer
1 Dragonsung raising hammer icon1.png  Augmented Dragonsung Raising Hammer
1 Dragonsung lapidary hammer icon1.png  Augmented Dragonsung Lapidary Hammer
1 Dragonsung round knife icon1.png  Augmented Dragonsung Round Knife
1 Dragonsung needle icon1.png  Augmented Dragonsung Needle
1 Dragonsung alembic icon1.png  Augmented Dragonsung Alembic
1 Dragonsung frypan icon1.png  Augmented Dragonsung Frypan
1 Dragonsung pickaxe icon1.png  Augmented Dragonsung Pickaxe
1 Dragonsung hatchet icon1.png  Augmented Dragonsung Hatchet
1 Dragonsung fishing rod icon1.png  Augmented Dragonsung Fishing Rod
The Tools of Tomorrow Repeatable Feature quest 80 Nimie 1 Skysung saw icon1.png  Skysung Saw
1 Skysung cross-pein hammer icon1.png  Skysung Cross-pein Hammer
1 Skysung raising hammer icon1.png  Skysung Raising Hammer
1 Skysung lapidary hammer icon1.png  Skysung Lapidary Hammer
1 Skysung round knife icon1.png  Skysung Round Knife
1 Skysung needle icon1.png  Skysung Needle
1 Skysung alembic icon1.png  Skysung Alembic
1 Skysung frypan icon1.png  Skysung Frypan
1 Skysung pickaxe icon1.png  Skysung Pickaxe
1 Skysung hatchet icon1.png  Skysung Hatchet
1 Skysung fishing rod icon1.png  Skysung Fishing Rod
Oddness in the End Feature quest 80 Neillemard
The Pinnacle of Possibility Repeatable Feature quest 80 Emeny 1 Skybuilders saw icon1.png  Skybuilders' Saw
1 Skybuilders cross-pein hammer icon1.png  Skybuilders' Cross-pein Hammer
1 Skybuilders raising hammer icon1.png  Skybuilders' Raising Hammer
1 Tool order skybuilders' lapidary hammer icon1.png  Skybuilders' Lapidary Hammer
1 Skybuilders round knife icon1.png  Skybuilders' Round Knife
1 Skybuilders needle icon1.png  Skybuilders' Needle
1 Skybuilders alembic icon1.png  Skybuilders' Alembic
1 Skybuilders frypan icon1.png  Skybuilders' Frypan
1 Skybuilders pickaxe icon1.png  Skybuilders' Pickaxe
1 Skybuilders hatchet icon1.png  Skybuilders' Hatchet
1 Skybuilders fishing rod icon1.png  Skybuilders' Fishing Rod
Greater Heights Feature quest 80 Joellie Launch party icon1.png  Launch Party