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Having cast off the imperial yoke after twenty-five years, the people of Doma are free at last. A new day dawns...but it will be a day of work, for the enclave many call home remains a shadow of its former self. The Shazenkai, an organization formed to facilitate the reconstruction and revitalization of the settlement, is prepared to lead the way─but they will need to look to others if they are to succeed in this bold endeavor.

— Patch 4.3 Official Website

Doman Enclave Reconstruction is a series of efforts by the Doman people to rebuild and revitalize the Doman Enclave in Yanxia. Players may contribute to this cause by donating unwanted items in exchange for a small gratuity. Over time, the enclave will change to reflect these donations. Unlike Revenant's Toll, Idyllshire, and the Ishgardian Restoration, the Doman Enclave Reconstruction can still be experienced by new players, and at the same pace as originally intended, due to weekly donation limits.


Three prerequisite quests must be completed prior to accessing Doman Enclave Reconstruction: Post-Stormblood Main Scenario Quest Main Scenario QuestElation and Trepidation, Doman Adventurers' Guild Quest Side QuestShort Arms of the Law and Feature QuestA Thousand and One Farewells.

The reconstruction questline begins at the Doman Enclave with Feature QuestPrecious Reclamation, accepted from Kozakura at (X:5.5, Y:5.7).


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
Precious Reclamation Feature quest 70 Kozakura
1 Crimson cider icon1.png  Crimson Cider
1 Sauteed green leeks icon1.png  Sauteed Green Leeks
1 Oden icon1.png  Oden
2 Allagan silver piece icon1.png  Allagan Silver Piece
A Thousand and One Farewells Feature quest 70 Hozan
It Takes an Enclave Feature quest 70 Kozakura Doman Enclave Reconstruction
Doman Reconstruction: Mitsuba Other quest 70 Kozakura Bio-doma i icon1.png  Bio-Doma I
Doman Reconstruction: Kozakura Other quest 70 Kozakura
Doman Reconstruction: Tsuranuki Other quest 70 Kozakura
Doman Reconstruction: Araragi Other quest 70 Kozakura Bio-doma ii icon1.png  Bio-Doma II
Doman Reconstruction: Ihase Other quest 70 Kozakura
Doman Reconstruction: Minazuki Other quest 70 Kozakura Bio-doma iii icon1.png  Bio-Doma III
Doman Reconstruction: Mauto Other quest 70 Kozakura
Doman Reconstruction: Ishibushi Other quest 70 Kozakura Bio-doma iv icon1.png  Bio-Doma IV
Doman Reconstruction: Tauyaku Other quest 70 Kozakura
Lighting the Way Feature quest 70 Kozakura Bio-Doma Icon.png  Bio-Doma V 1 Yanxian merchants haori icon1.png  Yanxian Merchant's Haori

Donating Items

To donate items to the cause, players must interact with the Donation Basket located at the Shazenkai. For every item donated, players will receive a gratuity amounting to a sum of gil slightly higher (120%) than what would normally be received when selling those items to a regular vendor. This gratuity increases in stages (up to 200%) after various milestones of the reconstruction efforts. The enclave has a limited weekly budget of 20,000 gil used to pay for this gratuity, and as such, players may only donate so many items each week. This budget increases in stages up to to 40,000 gil based on reconstruction milestones (see table below for details). The budget will reset every week on Tuesday at 1:00 a.m. (PDT).

If an item is donated by mistake, the last 100 items donated by the player can be reclaimed from the Reclamation Box for a small fee. Items reclaimed in this manner will no longer contribute to reconstruction efforts. Note that items will be removed from the Reclamation Box upon logging out or changing areas.

An easy way to hit the weekly cap is to send retainers on 18-hour Exploration Ventures, and donate stacks of the Allagan silver piece icon1.png  Allagan Pieces that they bring back with their materials. Another good option is Clear demimateria i icon1.png  Clear Demimateria I and higher grades from Eureka.

- Save all the Allagan money bags you get in the game, such as Keep them on your chocobo saddle or somewhere until you get to this and you'll have plenty to start out rebuilding with, or maybe even finish it.

- Just a tip... once you've donated 20k for the week and talked to someone (an icon pops on the map), go BACK to the donation box and click it again and again. There's more cutscenes / progress for that week even though the thing has no dang indication of it.

Reconstruction Progress

As the player continues to donate items to the Donation Basket, the Doman Enclave will begin to show visible progress in its reconstruction. The first phase of reconstruction efforts from Patch 4.3 ends at 120,000 gil donated; all further donations contribute to the second phase from Patch 4.4.

Reconstruction Progress
Milestone Donation Value Gratuity Rate Weekly Budget Area NPC
1 Gil 5,000 120% Gil 20,000 The Ten Thousand Stalls Mitsuba
2 Gil 20,000 120% Gil 20,000 The Ten Thousand Stalls Kozakura
3 Gil 25,000 120% Gil 20,000 The Ten Thousand Stalls Mitsuba
4 Gil 35,000 120% Gil 20,000 The Ten Thousand Stalls Kozakura
5 Gil 40,000 150% Gil 20,000 The Ten Thousand Stalls Mitsuba
6 Gil 45,000 150% Gil 20,000 The Yard (South) Tsuranuki
7 Gil 55,000 The Yard Kozakura
8 Gil 60,000 The Yard (North) Araragi
9 Gil 65,000 The Yard (South) Tsuranuki
10 Gil 75,000 The Yard Kozakura
11 Gil 80,000 The Yard (North) Araragi
12 Gil 85,000 The Yard Kozakura
13 Gil 95,000 The Yard Kozakura
14 Gil 100,000 The Yard (South) Tsuranuki
15 Gil 110,000 The Yard (North) Araragi
16 Gil 120,000 180% Shazenkai Kozakura
17 Gil 120,000 The Enclave Demesne Ihase
18 Gil 130,000 The Enclave Demesne Ihase
19 Gil 140,000 The Enclave Demesne Kozakura
20 Gil 145,000 The Enclave Demesne Kozakura
21 Gil 150,000 The Enclave Demesne Ihase
22 Gil 160,000 200% Gil 25,000 Rissai-juku Minazuki
23 Gil 165,000 Rissai-juku Minazuki
24 Gil 175,000 Rissai-juku Kozakura
24 Gil 185,000 Rissai-juku Minazuki
25 Gil 190,000 The Enclave Barracks Mauto
26 Gil 195,000 The Enclave Barracks Kozakura
27 Gil 210,000 Gil 30,000 The Enclave Barracks Mauto
28 Gil 215,000 The Watchtower Ishibushi
29 Gil 225,000 The Watchtower Kozakura
30 Gil 240,000 The Watchtower Ishibushi
31 Gil 250,000 Shazenkai Kozakura
32 Gil 260,000 The One Garden Kozakura
33 Gil 270,000 Gil 40,000 The One Garden Tauyaku


After donating a total of Gil 110,000 gil to the reconstruction effort, players will gain access to a small selection of goods from the Enclave's Junkmonger. More items will become available after further progress.


Doman Enclave reconstruction is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Bio-doma i icon1.png  Bio-Doma I 5 See the Doman Enclave through the first phase of reconstruction. - 4.3
Bio-doma ii icon1.png  Bio-Doma II 10 See the Doman Enclave through the second phase of reconstruction. - 4.3
Bio-doma iii icon1.png  Bio-Doma III 10 See the Doman Enclave through the third phase of reconstruction. - 4.4
Bio-doma iv icon1.png  Bio-Doma IV 10 See the Doman Enclave through the fourth phase of reconstruction. - 4.4
Bio-Doma Icon.png  Bio-Doma V 20 See the Doman Enclave through the fifth and final phase of reconstruction. Achievement title icon.png Philanthropist 4.4