Beta Quadrant

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Beta Quadrant

The development facilities pertaining to chimera conjoining experiments were chiefly located in the Beta Quadrant. Test subjects which broke free from their confinement tubes now contend with other escaped monstrosities, allowing only the fittest specimens to survive.

— In-game description

Beta Quadrant is a area in Azys Lla.


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Recombination Labs

These laboratories are believed to have given birth to countless numbers of chimerical creations. Though Azys Lla guidance nodes are quick to assure all visitors that the good behavior of the creatures created here was - at least at one point - guaranteed, recent visitors may find the situation dramatically altered.

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Biomass Incubation Complex

A research complex dedicated to chimera splicing experiments. Its construction was prompted by "imaginative requests" from the Allagan Research Council and related institutes, leading to the cultivation of all manner of living prototypes.The Mutagenesis nearby serves as an annex to the complex.

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The Habisphere

The Habisphere served as a residential area for the families of the imperial generals and researchers who were stationed on Azys Lla.