Mist Opportunities

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Mist Opportunities

Quest giver
East Shroud (X:22.4, Y:26.5)
Quest line
Sylph Daily

Required quest
Idle Hands
Friendly Relations
Experience 5,130
Gil 780

Moxia wears an oddly coy expression on her face.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Speak with the mysterious sylph by the entrance to the Sylphlands. Use morbol gall on milkmist makers. While transparent, you do not aggro. Be sure to use the fragrant blooms to extend transparency.

In-game Description

Moxia wears an oddly coy expression on her face.

The touched sylphs of the Sylphlands have fashioned devices to inundate the forest air with a constant stream of milkroot mist, imparting an altered state of mind on all sylphs who draw near-- the uncharacteristically amorous Moxia included. Moxia entrusts to you two phials of morbol gall, an acidic substance derived from morbol bile, and urges you to speak with the mysterious sylph at the entrance to the Sylphlands before embarking on your mission.

The mysterious sylph works her magic to render you transparent. Seek out the milkmist makers and destroy them using Moxia's morbol gall.

You must complete the task before the enchantment expires. The fragrant blooms you encounter on your path will extend the duration of the spell.

With the milkmist makers dissolved by the power of morbol bile, the forest air begins to clea.r Report your success to Moxia.

Moxia thanks you for your efforts, making sure to reiterate that her odd behavior before was solely due to milkmist exposure. That said, she will doubtless have occasion to call upon your aid again.