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Free Company Crafting is a feature introduced in Heavensward that allows players to craft Aetherial Wheels, Housing Items, Airships and Submersibles for their Free Company. Company Airships and Submersibles can be used to embark on Exploratory Voyages.

  • Free Company Crafting requires your Free Company to have a House.


To unlock Company Crafting, players first need a Company Workshop, purchasable at the entrance to private chambers. It can only be purchased by the free company leader or members with the authorization to build or remove a workshop.

How to Craft

Company projects may require the cooperation of free company members, depending on the number of necessary materials. The materials needed for any given project are confirmable by opening the company crafting log via the fabrication station. As of 5.2 the party requirements to progress company projects is removed.

The schematic board is used to draft new projects. After gathering the required items, select the plan you wish to create. A new plan will then be added to the company crafting log automatically.

Schematic Board

Airship/Submersible projects

Housing projects

Aetherial wheel projects

Company Crafting Log

Aetherial Wheels

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Airship Components


Submersible Components

Housing Items

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