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Free Company Airships built from Free Company Crafting can undertake Exploratory Voyages, the exploration of uncharted lands in The Sea of Clouds. These explorations are carried out automatically, with airships returning after a fixed amount of time. Upon completion of an exploratory voyage, you will receive a voyage log detailing the results. You will also receive various items depending on the results of the voyage. As you continue to deploy airships on voyages, you will eventually discover new areas to survey.

Craft and Deploy Airships

Free Company Crafting in the Company Workshop is needed to craft and register airships using requisite components and flight credits. Each airship is built with four components: Hull, Rigging, Forecastle and Aftcastle. Each component has many types and requires numerous materials, multiple phases, lengthy wait time and a group of crafters to build. Note that you cannot build HQ components with HQ materials. However, quality determines the odds of excellent or outstanding progress being made, which results in the next stage of the craft requiring fewer materials.

Airships require Ceruleum Tanks to be deployed on exploratory voyages. They can be purchased using company credits from the resident caretaker in any of the housing districts or the mammet in the company workshop.

Multiple Airships can be maintained for a Free Company, with a second being unlocked once your airship visits Sea of Clouds - Sector 8. A third airship is unlocked upon exploring Sector 14. Each requires a certain amount of flight credits: 1, 3 and 5, respectively.

Components will lose condition with each exploration, similar to how gear does for players. To repair them, Airship Repair Materials must be in the player's inventory. The higher the tier of the component, the more materials needed.

Airship Stats and Performance

The combination of parts used to build an airship will determine the distances it can travel, as well as the rewards you will receive from voyages.


When a voyage is complete, airships will gain experience points depending on its selected flight path, and eventually, increase in rank. Higher rankings will allow you to outfit airships with new components to improve their performance on future voyages, as well as accessing more sectors. Currently, airships can reach up to rank 50.


The stats of an airship affect the distance it can travel, the time required for voyages, as well as the rewards received from voyages. Stats of an airship can be altered by changing its components.

Stat Effect
Surveillance Influences the probability of gathering a 2nd item per sector. May also influence the probability of finding new sectors.
Retrieval Increases item extraction rating (higher quantities of a specific item).
Speed Influences voyage duration.
Range Allows you to visit more sectors per voyage.
Favor Unknown, speculation seems to favor that this may affect chance of HQ items and/or affect weather

Airship Components

Airships are comprised of four primary parts—the hull, rigging, forecastle, and aftcastle. Bear in mind that durability of these parts will gradually deplete when sending airships out on exploratory voyages. When the durability of any given part reaches zero, it will require replacement or repair.


The rank required to use airship components.

Component Costs and Airframe Capacity

When assembling an airship, the total cost of the components cannot exceed the airframe capacity. The airframe capacity increases with the rank of the airship.


Sector Unlocked in Sector Rank Items Found
1 - 1 Bamboo Weave, Vivianite, Wind Crystal, Lightning Crystal, Ferberite, Vitality Materia III, Dexterity Materia III
2 - 1 Bamboo Weave, Vivianite, Fire Crystal, Gold Ore, Quicktongue Materia III, Dexterity Materia III
3 1 4 Red Moko Grass, Balsa Wood Scrap, Earth Crystal, Ice Crystal, Craftsman's Competence Materia III, Craftsman's Command Materia III
4 2 7 Red Moko Grass, Balsa Wood Scrap, Far Eastern Coin, Water Crystal, Scarlet Sap, Gatherer's Grasp Materia III, Gatherer's Grasp Materia II
5 2 10 Empty Crystal, Deep-red Crystal, Toy Box Schema, Lightning Crystal, Wind Crystal, Birch Branch, Vitality Materia III, Savage Might Materia III
6 5 14 Empty Crystal, Deep-green Crystal, Shrub Seedling, Dravanian Mote (rare), Earth Crystal, Ice Crystal, Dark Chestnut Branch, Piety Materia III
7 5 17 Fine Alumen, Red Clay, Deep-blue Crystal, Fire Crystal, Ferberite, Craftsman's Command Materia III
8 7 20 Balsa Wood Lumber, Raw Celestine, Iron Giant Core, Wind Crystal, Savage Aim Materia III, **2nd Airship Permission**
9 8 24 Balsa Wood Lumber, Raw Celestine, Toy Box Schema, Quickarm Materia III, Lightning Crystal, Wind Crystal
10 7 27 Raw Celestine, Black Clay, Water Crystal
11 6 30 Chemically Treated Chimera Hide, Synthetic Fiber, Birch Branch, Quicktongue Materia IV, Intelligence Materia IV, Earth Crystal, Magnanimous Mogcrown,
12 10 34 Chemically Treated Chimera Hide, Heavens' Eye Materia IV
13 11 37 Synthetic Resin, Dravanian Mote (rare), Craftsman's Competence Materia IV, Craftsman's Cunning Materia IV, Ferberite, Ice Crystal, Earth Crystal
14 11 40 Aetherochemical Fiber, Cassia Log, **3rd Airship Permission**
15 13 44 Aetherochemical Fiber, Cassia Log
16 12 47 Cassia Log, Empty Cluster
17 15 50 Cassia Log, Deep-Red Cluster
18 17 50 Cassia Log, Dark Chestnut Branch, Deep-green Cluster, Dusk Leather, Electrum Ore, Faded Copy of Engage, Quickarm Materia III, Quickarm Materia IV, Iron Giant Core, Cloudsbreath Seeds, **4th Airship Permission**
19 15 50 Dusk Leather, Piety Materia IV, Piety Materia III, Deep-Blue Crystal
20 19 50 Cassia Log, Deep-red Cluster, Dusk Leather, Gold Ore, Battledance Materia III, Battledance Materia I, Battledance Materia V, Antique Leather, Iron Giant Core, Cloudsbreath Seed
21 20 50 Cassia Log, Deep-green Cluster, Dusk Leather, Platinum Ore, Wind Silk, Spoken Blood, Quicktongue Materia III, Quicktongue Materia IV, Quicktongue Materia V, Savage Might Materia III, Savage Might Materia IV, Savage Might Materia V, Toy Box Schema, Cloudsbreath Seeds
22 20 50 Cassia Log, Deep-green Cluster, Dusk Leather, Platinum Ore, Wind Silk, Spoken Blood, Quicktongue Materia III, Quicktongue Materia IV, Quicktongue Materia V, Savage Might Materia III, Savage Might Materia IV, Savage Might Materia V, Toy Box Schema, Cloudsbreath Seeds
23 19 50 Bear Fat, Cassia Log, Deep-red Cluster, Ferberite, Heavens' Eye Materia II, Heavens' Eye Materia IV, Heavens' Eye Materia V, Faded Copy of A World Apart
24 21 50 Cassia Log, Dark Chestnut Branch, Deep-green Cluster, Minium, Savage Aim Materia III, Savage Aim Materia IV, Savage Aim Materia, Quickarm Materia II, Quickarm Materia IV, Iron Voyage Spoil, Cloudsbreath Seeds

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