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Endymion Disco

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Endymion Disco

Quest giver
Muna Vanu
The Sea of Clouds (X:6.5, Y:14.4)
Quest line
Vanu Vanu Daily
Required quest
Three Beaks to the Wind
Experience ????? "?????" is not a number.
Gil 609

Muna Vanu is dreadfully busy, and could do with a hand.

— In-game description



Talk to Luna Vanu to board the sanuwa. Ride to the 4 locations and use the Buffet skill on each nest. Return to speak to Muna Vanu to collect the reward.


  • Speak with Luna Vanu.
  • Ride a sanuwa and use its Buffet ability to destroy the endymion nests. 0/4
  • Report to Muna Vanu.


Endymions have made a home for themselves in Ok' Zundu, and Muna Vanu bids you remove their nests. The perilous task of dislodging them from high atop the rooftops is made easier and safer by using a sanuwa, a creature capable of creating great gusts of wind that can blast away these aeries of mud and branches as though they were tiny affairs made of mere twig and down. Luna Vanu will ahve prepared such a beast for you to use in this endeavor—you need only say the word.

  • Please note that the difficulty of this quest has be synched to your current level. Furthermore, you many not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted the quest.

You speak with Luna Vanu and he is more than happy to supply you with a sanuwa. Its powerful wings will make short work of the endymion nests.

  • Speak with Luna Vanu in Ok' Gundu Nakki to mount a sanuwa.

With the help of the sanuwa, you effortlessly destroy the endymion nests. Return to Muna Vanu and tell him your mission has been completed.

The venerable Gundu greatly appreciates your contributions to his tribe's safety. He explains that the endymions' encroachment is a recent development, and that incursions by aggressive creatures from the south grow ever more frequent in recent years.