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See also: Text commands and Emote Guide

Emotes icon2.png Displays a list of available emote commands which can be executed from the list, or set to your hotbar.

General Emotes

Emote Command Description Patch
Aback.png  Aback /aback Act taken aback. 4.2
Advent of light icon1.png  Advent of Light /advent, /adventoflight You leap majestically into the air before making a suitably herioc landing. 6.4
Air Quotes.png  Air Quotes /airquotes Make air quotes with your fingers for added sarcasm, emphasis, etc. 2.0
All saints charm icon1.png  All Saints' Charm /allsaintscharm Swish and flick to cast a spell. 6.4
Angry.png  Angry /angry Be angry. 2.0
Backflip (Emote).png  Backflip /backflip, /bflip Perform a backflip. 3.5
Battle Stance.png  Battle Stance /battlestance, /bstance Prepare yourself for battle. 3.2
Beckon.png  Beckon /beckon Make a beckoning motion. 2.0
Blow Kiss.png  Blow Kiss /blowkiss Throw an airborne smooch in someone's general direction. 2.0
Blush.png  Blush /blush Blush with embarrassment. 2.0
Bow.png  Bow /bow Perform a bow. 2.0
Box.png  Box /box Put up your dukes. 4.1
Eat Bread.png  Break Fast /bread, /breakfast Chow down on a piece of bread. 5.21
Cheer.png  Cheer /cheer Cheer enthusiastically. 2.0
Chuckle.png  Chuckle /chuckle Chuckle in amusement. 2.0
Clap.png  Clap /clap Applaud. 2.0
Clutch Head.png  Clutch Head /clutchhead Seize your head in pain or anguish. 5.45
Comfort.png  Comfort /comfort Make a consoling gesture. 2.0
Congratulate.png  Congratulate /congratulate Offer congratulations. 2.0
Consider.png  Consider /consider Mull over a curious question. 5.35
Converse.png  Converse /converse Strike up a conversation. 4.1
Crimson Lotus.png  Crimson Lotus /crimsonlotus Practice the art of the crimson lotus. 4.3
Cry.png  Cry /cry Break into tears. 2.0
Dance.png  Dance /dance Start dancing. 2.0
Deny.png  Deny /deny Strongly disagree. 2.0
Deride.png  Deride /deride, /pagaga Bare your teeth derisively. 6.2
Determined icon1.png  Determined /determined Punch your own palm with readiness. 6.1
Disappointed.png  Disappointed /disappointed Convey utter disappointment. 2.0
Dote.png  Dote /dote Throw a heartfelt kiss at your beloved. 3.5
Doubt.png  Doubt /doubt Appear doubtful. 2.0
Doze.png  Doze /doze Start dozing off. If a bed is nearby, your character will sleep in it. 2.0
Draw Weapon.png  Draw Weapon /draw Ready your weapon. 5.45
Drink Tea icon1.png  Drink Tea /tea Sip serenely from a teacup. 6.11
Ear wiggle emote.png  Ear Wiggle /earwiggle Wiggle suddenly enormous ears. 6.35
Eastern Bow.png  Eastern Bow /easternbow, /ebow Perform a bow in the Far Eastern fashion. 4.0
Eastern Greeting.png  Eastern Greeting /easterngreeting Perform a greeting common in the Far East. 3.4
Eastern Stretch.png  Eastern Stretch /estretch Stretch your muscles in the Far Eastern fashion. 3.57
Eat Apple.png  Eat Apple /apple, /eatapple Bite into an apple. 5.41
Eat Chicken.png  Eat Chicken /eatchicken Snack on a piece of fried chicken. 6.5
Eat Chocolate.png  Eat Chocolate /choco, /eatchocolate Snack on Valentione's chocolate. 6.2
Eat Egg.png  Eat Egg /eategg, /egg Casually eat a boiled egg. 6.1
Eat Pizza.png  Eat Pizza /eatpizza, /pizza Snack on a slice of pizza. 5.45
Eat pumpkin cookie icon1.png  Eat Pumpkin Cookie /cookie, /eatpumpkincookie Nibble on a pumpkin cookie. 6.2
Eat Rice Ball.png  Eat Rice Ball /eatriceball, /riceball Eat a rice ball. 5.41
Elucidate.png  Elucidate /elucidate Explain yourself to any who will listen. 4.3
Embrace (Emote).png  Embrace /embrace Perform a loving embrace. 2.45
Eureka (Emote).png  Eureka /eureka Experience a brief moment of enlightenment. 3.25
Examine Self.png  Examine Self /examineself Admire yourself. 2.0
Facepalm.png  Facepalm /facepalm Bury your head into your hands in frustration. 3.4
Fist Bump.png  Fist Bump /fistbump Attempt a fistbump. 3.0
Flame Salute.png  Flame Salute /flamesalute Perform an official Immortal Flames salute. 2.0
Flex.png  Flex /flex Flex your muscles. 3.4
Flower shower icon1.png  Flower Shower /flowershower, /petals Toss fragrant flower petals into the air. 5.5
Frighten.png  Frighten /frighten Attempt to appear menacing. 6.35
Fume.png  Fume /fume Express annoyance. 2.0
Furious.png  Furious /furious Be furious. 2.0
Goodbye.png  Goodbye /goodbye Bid farewell. 2.0
Gratuity.png  Gratuity /gratuity, /makeithail Humbly scatter gold coins at the feet of your admirers. 4.56
Greeting.png  Greeting /greet Wave your hand in greeting. 4.2
Grovel.png  Grovel /grovel Fall to your knees in unworthiness. 2.0
Hand Over.png  Hand Over /handover Extend your hand in a giving gesture. 2.35
Handtoheart.png  Hand to Heart /handtoheart Gently place your hand on your heart. 6.4
Happy.png  Happy /happy Display extreme happiness. 2.0
Haurchefant (Emote).png  Haurchefant /haurchefant Express your fervent approval. 3.3
Headache.png  Headache /headache Reel from a terrible headache. 5.15
High Five.png  High Five /hfive, /highfive Give someone a high five. 5.31
Hug.png  Hug /hug Give a warm hug. 2.38
Huh.png  Huh /huh Act bemused. 2.0
Humble Triumph.png  Humble Triumph /humbletriumph, /waitforit Strike a mildly triumphant pose. 6.51
Huzzah.png  Huzzah /hurray, /huzzah Give a hearty cheer. 2.35
Imperial Salute.png  Imperial Salute /imperialsalute Perform an Imperial Garlean Army salute. 2.0
Insist.png  Insist /insist Speak emphatically to get your point across. 5.21
Joy.png  Joy /joy Express joy. 2.0
Jump for Joy 1.png  Jump for Joy 1 /jumpforjoy1 Jump happily for joy. 6.5
Jump for Joy 2.png  Jump for Joy 2 /jumpforjoy2 Jump merrily for joy. 6.5
Jump for Joy 3.png  Jump for Joy 3 /jumpforjoy3 Jump enthusiastically for joy. 6.5
Jump for Joy 4.png  Jump for Joy 4 /jumpforjoy4 Jump cheerfully for joy. 6.5
Jump for Joy 5.png  Jump for Joy 5 /jumpforjoy5 Jump for joy like a sabotender. 6.5
Kneel.png  Kneel /kneel Kneel in respect. 2.0
Lali-ho.png  Lali-ho /laliho Perform a traditional dwarven greeting. 5.0
Laugh.png  Laugh /laugh Burst out laughing. 2.0
Linkpearl emote.png  Linkpearl /linkpearl Make a linkpearl call. 6.3
Little Ladies Dance2.png  Little Ladies' Dance /ladance, /littleladiesdance Perform the Little Ladies' Dance. 6.3
Lookout.png  Lookout /lookout Scan the area. 2.0
Magic Trick emote.png  Magic Trick /magictrick Perform a magic trick 6.4
Me.png  Me /me Motion to yourself. 2.0
Megaflare.png  Megaflare /megaflare Cast Megaflare. 4.25
No.png  No /no Disagree. 2.0
Paint It Black.png  Paint It Black /paintblack Swab the floor with black paint. 5.4
Paint It Blue.png  Paint It Blue /paintblue Swab the floor with blue paint. 5.4
Paint It Red.png  Paint It Red /paintred Swab the floor with red paint. 5.4
Paint It Yellow.png  Paint It Yellow /paintyellow Swab the floor with yellow paint. 5.4
Panic.png  Panic /panic Start to panic. 2.0
Pantomime.png  Pantomime /mime, /pantomime Perform a pantomime. 5.45
Pay Respects.png  Pay Respects /respect Offer up a silent prayer. 4.0
Pet.png  Pet /pet, /stroke Take the love within your heart and focus it into your hand. 2.35
Point.png  Point /point Point at something. 2.0
Poke.png  Poke /poke Make a poking gesture. 2.0
Pose.png  Pose /pose Strike a pose. 2.0
Power Up.png  Power Up /powerup Put your true strength on display. 4.2
Pray.png  Pray /pray Offer solemn words of prayer to the Twelve or whatever gods it is you keep. 2.0
Pretty Please.png  Pretty Please /pplease, /prettyplease Make a pleading motion. 4.1
Psych.png  Psych /psych Psych yourself up. 2.0
Rally.png  Rally /rally Give encouragement. 2.0
Read.png  Read /read Pore over a book. 5.21
Reference emote.png  Reference /reference Consult literature. 6.45
Salute.png  Salute /salute Perform a salute. 2.0
Scheme.png  Scheme /scheme Spin a web of lies and deceit. 4.45
Serpent Salute.png  Serpent Salute /serpentsalute Perform an official Order of the Twin Adder salute. 2.0
Sheathe Weapon.png  Sheathe Weapon /sheathe Put away your weapon. 5.45
Shiver.png  Shiver /shiver Tremble from the cold. 4.36
Shocked.png  Shocked /shocked Act shocked. 2.0
Shrug.png  Shrug /shrug Shrug. 2.0
Shush.png  Shush /shh, /shush Gesture to be quiet. 5.55
Slap.png  Slap /slap Let your hand do the talking. 2.38
Slump.png  Slump /slump Hang your head in defeat. 6.5
Snap.png  Snap /snap Snap your fingers. 5.2
Soothe.png  Soothe /soothe Make a comforting gesture. 2.0
Spectacles.png  Spectacles /spectacles Adjust your spectacles. 3.5
Spirit icon1.png  Spirit /spirit Show off your team spirit. 6.2
Splash.png  Splash /splash Splash playfully when in water. 4.3
Stagger.png  Stagger /stagger Stagger for a moment. 2.0
Stand Up.png  Stand Up /standup 2.0
Storm Salute.png  Storm Salute /stormsalute Perform an official Maelstrom salute. 2.0
Stretch.png  Stretch /stretch Stretch. 2.0
Sulk.png  Sulk /sulk Wallow in self-pity. 2.0
Surprised.png  Surprised /surprised Act surprised. 2.0
Sweat.png  Sweat /sweat Wipe the sweat from your brow. 4.35
Think.png  Think /think Become lost in thought. 2.0
Throw.png  Throw /throw Throw an object. 2.1
Thumbs Up.png  Thumbs Up /thumbsup Strongly agree. 2.0
Toast.png  Toast /toast Raise a toast to those around you. 5.1
Tomestone (Emote).png  Tomestone /tomestone Lovingly tap your tomestone. 4.4
Upset.png  Upset /upset Express disgust. 2.0
Vexed icon1.png  Vexed /vexed Appear visibly frustrated. 5.57
Victory.png  Victory /vpose Celebrate victory. 3.2
Victory Reveal.png  Victory Reveal /victoryreveal, /vreveal Await news of your victory. 6.51
Water Flip.png  Water Flip /waterflip Perform a somersault underwater. 4.0
Wave.png  Wave /wave Wave your hand. 2.0
Welcome.png  Welcome /welcome Make a welcoming gesture. 2.0
Wow emote.png  Wow /wow Sparkle with amazement. 6.25
Yes.png  Yes /yes Nod in approval. 2.0

Special Emotes

Emote Command Description Patch
At Ease.png  At Ease /atease Stand relaxed with your feet apart. 4.1
Attention.png  Attention /attention Stand at attention. 4.1
Ball Dance.png  Ball Dance /balldance Perform a ball dance. 2.2
Bee's Knees.png  Bee's Knees /beesknees Perform the bee's knees dance. 5.3
Black Ranger Pose A.png  Black Ranger Pose A /blackrangerposea, /brpa Do the Black Ranger pose A. 3.3
Black Ranger Pose B.png  Black Ranger Pose B /blackrangerposeb, /brpb Do the Black Ranger pose B. 3.3
Bomb Dance.png  Bomb Dance /bombdance Perform a bomb dance. 2.3
Box Step.png  Box Step /boxstep Perform a box step dance. 4.4
Breath Control.png  Breath Control /breathcontrol Take a breath and relax. 4.1
Change Pose.png  Change Pose /changepose Assume the next pose in a series of idle stances. 2.2
Charmed.png  Charmed /charmed Fall into a lovestruck trance. 4.2
Cheer Jump.png  Cheer Jump /cheerjump Jump and cheer enthusiastically. 4.2
Cheer jump green icon1.png  Cheer Jump: Green /cheerjumpgreen, /cheergreen You cheer to the rhythm. 6.4
Cheer On.png  Cheer On /cheeron Wave your hands enthusiastically. 4.2
Cheer on bright icon1.png  Cheer On: Bright /cheeronbright, /cheerbright You cheer to the rhythm. 6.4
Cheer Wave.png  Cheer Wave /cheerwave Wave your hand in the air like you just don't care. 4.2
Cheer wave violet icon1.png  Cheer Wave: Violet /cheerwaveviolet, /cheerviolet You cheer to the rhythm. 6.4
Confirm.png  Confirm /confirm Make sure that all is as it should be. 4.4
Diamond Dust (Emote).png  Diamond Dust /iceheart Envelop yourself in diamond dust. 4.05
Eastern Dance.png  Eastern Dance /edance Perform a Far Eastern dance. 3.57
Fist Pump.png  Fist Pump /fistpump Express an unbridled satisfaction at the crushing defeat of your enemies via a swift pumping motion of your arms. 4.55
Flame Dance.png  Flame Dance /flamedance Perform the flame dance. 5.3
Get Fantasy.png  Get Fantasy /getfantasy Perform the Get Fantasy dance. 4.5
Gold Dance.png  Gold Dance /golddance, /gdance Perform the Gold dance. 3.1
Goobbue Do.png  Goobbue Do /goobbuedo, /mysterymachine Perform the realm-famous "goobbue do" dance step. 5.2
Guard (Emote).png  Guard /guard Keep watch over someone. 5.35
Harvest Dance.png  Harvest Dance /harvestdance Perform a harvest dance. 2.2
Heel Toe.png  Heel Toe /heeltoe Perform a slick heel toe dance step. 5.2
Hum.png  Hum /hum Swing your arms and hum a merry tune. 4.4
Lali Hop.png  Lali Hop /lalihop Perform the lali hop. 5.3
Lean.png  Lean /lean Lean back and get comfortable. No system message is displayed with this emote. 5.11
Lophop.png  Lop Hop /lophop 6.55
Love Heart.png  Love Heart /loveheart, /heart Make a heart shape with your hands. 6.55
Malevolence (emote) icon1.png  Malevolence /malevolence Place a curse on someone. 5.45
Manderville Dance.png  Manderville Dance /mandervilledance Perform the Manderville dance. 2.2
Manderville Mambo.png  Manderville Mambo /mmambo, /mandervillemambo Perform the Manderville Mambo. 4.56
Moogle Dance.png  Moogle Dance /mogdance Perform the moogle dance. 3.3
Moonlift Dance.png  Moonlift Dance /moonlift Perform the moonlift dance. 3.5
Most Gentlemanly.png  Most Gentlemanly /hildy Flex like a gentleman. 2.5
Play Dead.png  Play Dead /playdead, /pdead Feign death. 3.5
Popoto Step.png  Popoto Step /popotostep Perform a popoto step dance. 4.5
Push-ups.png  Push-ups /pushups Do a set of push-ups. 4.1
Red Ranger Pose A.png  Red Ranger Pose A /redrangerposea, /rrpa Do the Red Ranger pose A. 3.3
Red Ranger Pose B.png  Red Ranger Pose B /redrangerposeb, /rrpb Do the Red Ranger pose B. 3.3
Reprimand.png  Reprimand /reprimand Let that special someone know what's for. 4.5
Ritual Prayer.png  Ritual Prayer /ritualprayer Offer a prayer to the gods. 4.1
Senor Sabotender (Emote).png  Senor Sabotender /sabotender Do your finest impression of the Manderville Gold Saucer's mascot Senor Sabotender. 4.58
Show Left icon1.png  Show Left /showleft Show off what's on your left. 6.11a
Show Right icon1.png  Show Right /showright Show off what's on your right. 6.11a
Side Step.png  Side Step /sidestep Perform a side step dance. 4.4
Simulation F.png  Simulation F /simulationf Synthesize a shimmering spear. 5.4
Simulation M.png  Simulation M /simulationm Synthesize a shimmering sword. 5.4
Sit.png  Sit /sit Assume a sitting position. 2.0
Sit on Ground.png  Sit on Ground /groundsit Assume a sitting position. 2.0
Sit-ups.png  Sit-ups /situps Do a set of sit-ups. 4.1
Songbird.png  Songbird /songbird Perform the Songbird's special dance. 3.5
Squats.png  Squats /squats Do a set of squats. 4.1
Step Dance.png  Step Dance /stepdance Perform a step dance. 2.2
Sundering.png  Sundering /sundering The world survives unscathed. 6.5
Sundrop Dance.png  Sundrop Dance /sundance, /sundropdance Perform the sundrop dance. 3.1
Sweep Up.png  Sweep Up /broom, /sweep Sweep the floor. 5.41
Thavnairian Dance.png  Thavnairian Dance /thavnairiandance Perform a Thavnairian dance. 3.1
Tremble.png  Tremble /tremble Tremble with fear. 4.2
Ultima (Emote).png  Ultima /ultima Unleash the savage might of Ultima! 4.5
Visor.png  Visor /visor Open/close helm visor. This function can also be used to toggle on/off helms that light up. 2.2
Wasshoi.png  Wasshoi /wasshoi Let out a joyous "wasshoi." 5.4
Water Float.png  Water Float /waterfloat Perform a back float in water. 4.0
Winded.png  Winded /winded Fall to one knee, exhausted. 4.2
Wring Hands.png  Wring Hands /wringhands Wring your hands obsequiously. 5.55
Yellow Ranger Pose A.png  Yellow Ranger Pose A /yellowrangerposea, /yrpa Do the Yellow Ranger pose A. 3.3
Yellow Ranger Pose B.png  Yellow Ranger Pose B /yellowrangerposeb, /yrpb Do the Yellow Ranger pose B. 3.3
Yol Dance.png  Yol Dance /yoldance Perform the yol dance. 4.3
Zantetsuken (Emote).png  Zantetsuken /zantetsuken, /ztk Perform the Zantetsuken attack. 3.4

Expressions Emotes

Emote Command Description Patch
Alert.png  Alert /alert Sense something amiss. 2.0
Amazed.png  Amazed /amazed Stare in awe. 2.0
Annoyed.png  Annoyed /annoyed Furrow your brow. 2.0
Beam.png  Beam /beam Grin from ear to ear. 4.1
Big Grin.png  Big Grin /biggrin Break into a broad smile. 4.2
Concentrate.png  Concentrate /concentrate Knit your brows in thought. 4.1
Confused.png  Confused /disturbed Twist your face in confusion. 4.1
Content.png  Content /content USAGE:

 /content [subcommand] →Smile in warm satisfaction. >>Subcommands: motion  Display expression only. Both text and expression will be displayed when no subcommand is specified. Expression will return to normal after five seconds or by using the command /straightface.

Endure.png  Endure /endure Grit your teeth and bear all that comes your way. 4.4
Fake Smile.png  Fake Smile /fakesmile Force a smile. 5.4
Furrow.png  Furrow /furrow Furrow your eyebrows. 4.2
Grin.png  Grin /grin Beam with delight. 2.0
Ouch.png  Ouch /ouch Cringe in pain. 2.0
Ponder.png  Ponder /ponder, /makeyougohmmm Lose yourself in thought. 4.3
Pucker Up.png  Pucker Up /puckerup Close your eyes and pucker your lips. 4.0
Reflect.png  Reflect /reflect Close your eyes and gather your thoughts. 4.2
Sad.png  Sad /sad Frown. 2.0
Scared.png  Scared /scared Stare in fear. 2.0
Scoff.png  Scoff /scoff Smile wryly. 4.2
Shut Eyes.png  Shut Eyes /shuteyes Shut your eyes. 2.0
Simper.png  Simper /simper Give a lazy smile. 4.1
Smile.png  Smile /smile Beam with happiness. 2.0
Smirk.png  Smirk /smirk Smirk wryly. 2.0
Sneer.png  Sneer /sneer Sneer contemptuously. 3.4
Straight Face.png  Straight Face /straightface Restore your facial expression to a neutral state. 2.0
Taunt.png  Taunt /taunt Put on a taunting grin. 2.0
Wink (Left).png  Wink (Left) /leftwink Perform the wink emote with your left eye. 3.3
Wink (Right).png  Wink (Right) /wink, /rightwink Perform the wink emote. 3.3
Worried.png  Worried /worried Appear worried. 2.0

Additional Information

Using the motion subcommand together with any emote other than those formed with the /emote command will display the physical action only, with no accompanying message in the log.


Command Alias Description
/sit [subcommand] /lounge Certain emotes have special sitting equivalents.

Also sits your character in a chair if there is one nearby. Moving while seated will cause you to stand. Toggles between sitting and standing when no subcommand is specified.

Value Description
on Switch to a sitting position.
off Switch to a standing position.


Command Help
/bow Perform a bow.
/grandcompanysalute (/gcsalute) Perform your Grand Company's salute.
* Cannot be performed by those of Recruit rank.
/goodbye Bid farewell.
/kneel Kneel in respect.
/salute Perform a salute.
/wave Wave your hand.
/welcome Make a welcoming gesture.

Emotes & Signs

Command Help
/blowkiss Blow a kiss.
/cheer Cheer enthusiastically.
/congratulate Offer congratulations.
/me Motion to yourself.
/deny Strongly disagree.
/no Disagree.
/pray Offer solemn words of prayer to the Twelve or whatever gods it is you keep.
/psych Psych yourself up.
/think Become lost in thought.
/thumbsup Strongly agree.
/yes Nod in approval.

Actions & Movements

Command Help
/airquotes Make air quotes.
* Motion not accompanied by a log message.
/clap Applaud.
/dance Start dancing.
/doze Start dozing off.
/grovel Fall to your knees in unworthiness.
/pose Strike a pose.
/stagger Stagger for a moment.
/stretch Stretch.
/surprised Act surprised.

Signals & Instructions

Command Help
/beckon Make a beckoning motion.
/examineself Admire yourself.
/lookout Scan the area.
/point Point at something.
/poke Make a poking gesture.

Positive Reactions

Command Help
/blush Blush with embarrassment.
/chuckle Chuckle in amusement.
/comfort Make a consoling gesture.
/happy Display extreme happiness.
/joy Express joy.
/laugh Burst out laughing.
/rally Give encouragement.
/soothe Make a comforting gesture.

Negative Reactions

Command Help
/angry Be angry.
/cry Break into tears.
/disappointed Convey utter disappointment.
/doubt Appear doubtful.
/fume Express disappointment.
/furious Be furious.
/huh Express confusion.
/panic Start to panic.
/shocked Act shocked.
/shrug Shrug.
/sulk Wallow in self-pity.
/upset Express disgust.