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Easy as Paissa

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Easy as Paissa

Quest giver
Muna Vanu
The Sea of Clouds (X:6.5, Y:14.4)
Quest line
Vanu Vanu Daily
Required quest
Fishing for Friendship
Experience ????? "?????" is not a number.
Gil 681

Muna Vanu needs a skilled hand to attend to a difficult task

— In-game description



Dig a hole at the specified location, and lie in wait. Capture the paissa, then return to Muna Vanu to collect the reward.

  • The difficulty of this quest will be synched to your current level.


  • Dig a hole at the specified location.
  • Lie in wait until a paissa falls for the trap.
  • Capture hhe trapped paissa.
  • Deliver the captured paissa to Muna Vanu.


Muna Vanu has need of a strong, energetic paissa, but due to his responsibilities to the tribe, he has not the time to undertake the drawn-out task of capturing such wily prey himself. Furnishing you with a large sack in which to hold the beast, he bids you travel westward to where these creatures are most plentiful. They can be caught by digging a hole, which the careless creatures will fall into, finding themselves stuck.

  • Please note that the difficulty of this quest has be synched to your current level. Furthermore, you many not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted the quest.

You dig a hole, deep and wide enough to trap the sturdiest of paissas. Now you must wait for just such a beast to fall for this obvious—but apparently effective—ploy.

It's not long before a spry but oblivious paissa falls straight into the hole you dug. Put the creature into the sack the Vanu gave you before it escapes.

The paissa puts up little resistance as you extricate it from the hole and place it in the sack. Return your prize to Muna Vanu.

Muna Vanu explains that he has been challenged by a friend from the Zundu tribe to a paissafight. Though his tribe owes theirs a great debt, the elderly Vanu cannot bring dishonor on his people by losing the fight. Once properly trained, the spry and stalwart creature you captured should help secure his victory in the upcoming challenge.