Every Little Thing She Does Is Magitek

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Every Little Thing She Does Is Magitek

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magitek Image.png
Quest giver
Cid's Workshop (X:6, Y:6)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1  Mammet Heart
Experience 51,700
Gil 3,313
Previous quest
Fool Me Twice (Quest)
Next quest
Escape from Castrum Centri

Cid would have you assist in the repair of the magitek armor.

— In-game description




Completion of this quest unlocks an increase to mount speed in Mor Dhona.


  • Pilot the magitek armor to the crystal mound.
  • Pilot the magitek armor north of the crystal mound.
  • Pilot the magitek armor back to Wedge.
  • Extend the magitek armor a warm /welcome.


  • According to Cid, the magitek core at the heart of the reaper's servomechanism is worn beyond use. Unfortunately, a replacement will not be easy to come by in Eorzea. Speak with Wedge and learn of his proposed solution.
  • You have acquired a shiny new mammet heart. Return to Cid's workshop in Revenant's Toll, and deliver it to Wedge.
  • Having installed the mammet heart, Wedge asks you to put the fully repaired magitek armor through its paces. Speak with him when you are ready to begin, and he will help you into the pilot's seat.
  • You are now in control of the magitek armor. First, make your way to the camp ruins, and climb to the top of the adjoining crystal mound. In the event that you need to dismount, speak with Wedge again to restart the test run.
  • The feet appear to be in good working order. Next, jump down from your vantage point and make your way to the northern edge of the camp ruins.
  • The shock absorbers appear to be in sound condition. Make your way back to where Wedge and the others await.
  • You have put the magitek armor through its paces. Speak with Wedge to hear his full diagnosis.
  • According to Wedge, the servomechanism is not as responsive as it should be. He posits that the mammet heart may be possessed of emotions, and suggests that you all give the magitek armor a warm /welcome. While the notion sounds positively absurd, for want of a better idea, you may as well do as requested.
  • Did the armor respond to your vigorous welcoming, or was it all in your mind? Speak with Biggs to learn his thoughts on the matter.
  • Soon after Wedge's bizarre welcoming ritual, you are discovered by imperial troops bent on reclaiming or destroying the magitek armor. Disinclined to relinquish your prize, you repel the enemy, at which time the reaper seemingly responds to your presence. While the workings of advanced machina are foreign to you, Cid and the others take this awakening to mean that the servomechanism is now fully functional. If the experts are convinced, who are you to say otherwise? Time to make your way back to Cid's workshop in Revenant's Toll.
  • After countless unforeseen difficulties, and through no small amount of effort, you are now the proud owner of a fully functional suit of magitek armor. At long last, the time is come to infiltrate Castrum Centri and rescue the imprisoned Scions.

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