The Best Inventions

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The Best Inventions

The Best Inventions Image.png
Quest giver
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:13.1, Y:15.4)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Required items
3 Ice Sprite Core Icon.png  Ice Sprite Core
Experience 20,160
Gil 1,927
Previous quest
Factual Folklore
Next quest
Influencing Inquisitors

Cid would like to furnish the infirmary with a new alembic.

— In-game description





  • Cid would like to furnish the infirmary with a new alembic.
  • Having observed that the infirmary lacks sufficient alembics, Cid has resolved to furnish the chirurgeons with an additional, more advanced device. His work is nearly complete, but there is one final component that he cannot obtain on his own: three ice sprite cores, which he has asked you to bring to him.
  • Cid's efforts are ultimately for naught, as Inquisitor Guillaime makes another unannounced visit and warns the chirurgeons against accepting gifts from foreigners who have interfered with the trial of an accused heretic. The revelation shocks the chirurgeons, who immediately reject Cid's newly constructed alembic. The inquisitor appears to have developed a hatred for you and your associates, and it has become increasingly clear that he will do his utmost to prevent you from achieving your goals.


Cid: Might I have a word with you, [Forename]? It concerns the chirurgeons. After speaking with them earlier, I learned that they lack sufficient alembics for their needs, you see...
Cid: So I used some of their broken equipment to craft a more advanced alembic─both as a gesture of goodwill, and as a means to help me recover my memories, since working with my hands kindles familiar feelings.
Cid: All I require to complete the device are the cores of three ice sprites. Though commonly used to reduce the temperatures of alchemical mixtures, there is a way to alter their properties so that they draw the cold within rather than radiate it without.
Cid: It must sound ridiculous to you─impossible, even. Yet somehow I know it will work.
Cid: Have you obtained the cores? If so, please show them to me. 
Cenota: What an amazing device! it truly an alembic, sir? I've never seen its like before.
Astidien: I too am unsure what to make of this machine. While certainly impressive, I've no idea how to make use of it.
Cenota: Nevertheless, if it is as effective as he claims, it will be a great boon to the infirmary! Think of the medicines we could create, the lives we could save!
Astidien: Even so, I wonder...
Guillaime: Ware thee the kindly stranger, bearer of gifts wondrous and strange, for his generosity comes at cost.
Guillaime: Their earnest efforts are but a means to an as-yet-unknown end. Moreover, you should be wary of associating with individuals who have interfered with the questioning of a suspected heretic. 
Astidien: They did what!? Bless you, Inquisitor, for coming along when you did! We almost succumbed to the temptation proffered by these...these unbelievers!
Cid: Why does that man detest us so? Is it all because we interrupted Lord Francel's trial?
Cid: Whatever his reasons, he clearly means to oppose us at every turn...