Midas nan Garlond

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Midas nan Garlond was a brilliant Magitek engineer in the Garlean Empire. Known as the Father of Magitek, Midas was an expert in building weapons and defenses for the military. Though he loved his son, Cid nan Garlond, he was always obsessed with his work, focusing single-mindedly on what he was creating.

Midas was brought on to Project Meteor in the early stages, and found a way to communicate with Dalamud. When he did this, however, he became enthralled by Bahamut, losing any and all interest in anything other than the project, including his own son. He oversaw the construction of a large transmitter which would communicate in a less primitive way than his initial transmitter. It was determined that the citadel in Bozja would be the perfect location to test it out. This proved to be completely untrue however, as upon activating the transmitter atop the tower, it fired a beam of concentrated energy collected over five thousand years at the transmitter, obliterating Midas, the tower, and the entire city around the tower within a hundred miles in an instant. This would come to be known as the Bozja Incident. Though the Empire attempted to hide this incident, they were unable to successfully hide the entire erasure of a major trade city.