The Enmity of My Enemy

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The Enmity of My Enemy
Type Defend
Location East Shroud - Larkscall (x27,y21)
Level 42
Duration 15m
Description An entry on gratitude missing from their dictionaries, the surviving sylphs have flown back to the Sylphlands to gather reinforcements...and launch an attack on you! Fend off the waves of budding beastmen while seeing that the lightly armed Mianne Thousandmalm stays in the realm of the living.
Rewards  ??
The Enmity of My Enemy is a level 42 Defend FATE in East Shroud - Larkscall (x27,y21).


To do this FATE first you need to complete The Enemy of my Enemy, to start this you need to talk to Mianne Thousandmalm who will appear as a purple "!" Fate in the sylph lands area.

Tips and Tricks

This FATE is nearly impossible to complete alone, unlike the first arc of this FATE, The Enemy of My Enemy. Try to find help for this half while you complete the first.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information