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Mor Dhona
(Mor Dhona)

Many an unsuspecting traveler has vanished into the thick brume that oft hangs heavy over these wetlands, never to be heard from again.

— In-game description

Fogfens is an area in Mor Dhona, Mor Dhona (region).


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Castrum Centri

Under Legatus Nael van Damus, the Vllth Imperial Legion constructed Castrum Novum to house the lunar transmitter used to call down the satellite Dalamud. Legatus Gaius van Baelsar and his XIVth Legion subsequently confiscated the facility. They have used it as military stronghold since, and expanded upon the mining and refining capacities of the place to produce munitions.

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The Tangle

The wastewater of Castrum Centri has polluted these once healthy wetlands attracting morbol to the area with the cloying stench of rotting flora. Travellers have taken to calling it the Tangle because of the twisted labyrinth that now fills the area, created by myriad roots and vines.

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Upon this ridge stand crystallized flora, a constant reminder of the Battle of Silvertear Skies. The name stems from the sound the grass makes underfoot, which is not unlike the slight crunch of treading upon morning frost.

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Camp Revenant's Toll

Established by the Adventurers' Guild to aid refugees, Camp Revenant's Toll was obliterated during the Calamity. Drastic changes in the area's elemental balance left the aether in a chaotic state, forcing corrupted crystals up through the ground, essentially tearing the camp apart.