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Eorzea is home to myriad unique races. Among them are those belonging to unique tribes. These tribes, while visibly having their own cultures, social structures and hierarchies, and languages, they are, for some reason or another, considered lesser to the "five races" (a term that is also oddly out of touch, considering the Au Ra, Hrothgar and Viera).


The term "beast tribe" was officially coined in the year 1559 of the Sixth Astral Era by the sultanate of Ul'dah, under the influence of the Syndicate. At the time, the Amalj'aa sought to stop the expansion efforts from destroying and dividing up their traditional homeland, so the Syndicate created the term to identify those who interfere with the wishes of the city state, and to "protect local interests", thus sowing distrust in entire races of people. To protect those "local interests", several of these tribes were evicted from the city, and the discourse between the people and the tribes can still be seen even today.

However, there is hope that the rift between the tribes and the other races is starting to be mended. Due to the threat posed by the Telophoroi, and with the advent of the cure to Primal Tempering, the tribes came together with the city states and their allies to stand together. While all issues haven't been forgotten, the formation of the Grand Company of Eorzea brought all those who call Eorzea home closer together.


Southern Aldenard & Vylbrand

Northern Aldenard

The Far East


The First

The Sea of Stars