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The Loporrits are a Tribe from the Endwalker (6.0) expansion. They are based in Bestways Burrow in Mare Lamentorum.


Eorzean myth tells of a curious wanderer known as Namingway, descended from an unknown people that traveled to the realm from the moon. The Loporrits appear to have much in common with that being of legend, though questions regarding their current whereabouts─and much else besides─remain unanswered.

The Loporrits were created by Hydaelyn as caretakers of the moon, which was designed as a starship. When the Final Days would come, the people of Etheirys would be evacuated to the moon where they would be cared for by the Loporrits while they searched for a new planet to live on. As such, the Loporrits have attempted to replicate the environment, food, and culture of Etheirys and provide appropriate residential quarters to its people, albeit with limited success.