A Sticky Situation

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A Sticky Situation

Quest giver
East Shroud (X:22.4, Y:26.5)
Quest line
Sylph Daily

Required quest
Idle Hands
Friendly Relations
Experience 5,130
Gil 780

The sylphs find themselves in a sticky wicket once more, and Moxia would have you provide a solution.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Slay violet sylphs south of the Hanging Barbs and obtain phials of lubric solution. 0/3
  • Use lubric solution on gluey gapemaws. 0/3
  • Report to Moxia.


  • The dark sylphs that inhabit the Sylphlands are at their nastiness again, this time feeding three of Moxia's friends to the sylph-eating gapemaw plants, and sealing their fearsome maws shut to prevent any attempts at escape. The perpetrators of the mischief-- violet screeches, sighs, and snarls south of the Hanging Barbs-- keep close guard over a lubric substance that might serve to foil their deed. Slay them and acquire the liquid to save the unfortunate sylphs from their fate.
  • You have slain the malevolent sylphs and obtained three phials of the lubric solution. Hurry and find the glue-enhanced gapemaws before Moxia's compatriots are digested.
  • The frightful fronds will not dine on sylph this day, for Moxia's friends have been freed by your hand. Return to Little Solace to relay the good news.
  • Moxia rejoices at the safe return of her friends, while musing about how satisfying it would be if she could feast upon the predatory plants herself. While mildly gruesome, she feels such an act would be only fitting after the anguish they have inflicted upon her people.