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A Monumental Task

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A Monumental Task

A Monumental Task.png
Quest giver
Master Mogzin
The Churning Mists (X:15.7, Y:28.8)
Quest line
Moogle Main Quests
Required items
1 Statue supplies materials icon1.png  Statue Supplies Materials
1 Statue supplies icon1.png  Statue Supplies
Disciples of the Hand
Respected Reputation maxed
Experience 2,148,120
Gil 1,455
Previous quest
The Tools Make the Moogle
Next quest
Piecing Together the Past

Master Mogzin is looking frantically around the Mogmender camp.

— In-game description


Optional rewards





  • Master Mogzin is looking frantically around the Mogmender camp.
  • At long last, the Mogmenders are ready to begin building the statue demanded by Gullinbursti. Tarresson and Mogzin have been waiting for you to discuss how to begin construction.
    • ※Please note that the difficulty of this quest has been synced to your current level.
  • Although Mogzin would like to begin work immediately, you realize that although you know what the statue stood for, you do not know what it looked like. After mulling over the question for a moment, you come to the conclusion that it likely depicted a scene of man and dragon living in harmony. However, with all such statues having been destroyed years ago, there is nothing to base yours on. Tarresson suggests that maybe the Temple Knights possess something that could be of use, and instructs you to go to the Congregation to ask Ser Handeloup if he can part with a heretical idol. In case the knight is hesitant to fulfill your request, Tarresson gives you a letter which he assures you will convince Ser Handeloup to do so.
  • As Tarresson suspected, Handeloup initially refuses your request, but changes his mind after reading the contents of the letter. In it, Tarresson has written that any figures taken from the Churning Mists should be returned to the moogles, as they have been tasked with taking care of the ancient ruins which dot the region. You ask how Tarresson knows so much about Ishgardian politics, prompting Handeloup to reveal that the humble stonemason was once in fact the count of House Dzemael. The commander agrees that Tarresson's reasoning is sound, and grants you leave to request an idol from his subordinate Vaincannet.
  • The attendant rummages through a collection of similar-looking statuettes and hands you one. Although it seems there are many others like it, you hold in your hand the image which will be immortalized at Bahrr Lehs.
  • Tarresson exclaims that the idol is the perfect model to base the statue on, and observes that you have returned without the letter he sent you with. It is then that he formally introduces himself as the former Count de Dzemael, and he confides that the work with the Mogmenders has been an ideal way for him to spend his time since stepping down from the position of count. He returns to the matter of the statue, and tasks you with crafting yet another set of supplies. Mogmul awaits with any materials you require.
  • Mogmul seems eager to have the statue completed, if only for the fact that it means he will at last be able to eat something. However, he promises to stay vigilant until your work is done.
    • ※In the event you lose the ingredients or the synthesis ends in failure, you may try again by speaking with Mogmul Mogbelly.
  • Mogzin applies the final touches to the statue, and everyone stands back to look in pride upon their accomplishment. Just then, Gullinbursti descends from the skies to pass judgement on the work of man and moogle. However, while he does not deride your efforts, it is a far cry from the accolades that Mogzin had hoped to receive. The dragon promises not to interfere further, but as he flies away, you cannot help but think that your work is far from over.