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A Crystalline Solution

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A Crystalline Solution

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Quest giver
Master Mogzin
The Churning Mists (X:15.7, Y:28.8)
Quest line
Moogle Main Quests

Friendly Reputation maxed
Experience ????? "?????" is not a number.
Gil 936
Previous quest
Trying Times
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The Tools Make the Moogle

Master Mogzin is fiddling with his hammer excitedly.

— In-game description


Optional rewards




  • Ride Whei Ahf and use his roar ability to awaken the spring crystal.


  • Master Mogzin is fiddling with his hammer excitedly.
  • The repair of Bahrr Lehs is proceeding apace, and the time has come to begin another major project. Tarresson looks eager to share his plan with you.
  • Your conversation is interrupted by a flustered Ohl Deeh, who explains that you have somehow earned the ire of an ancient dragon by the name of Gullinbursti. The dragon, through Ohl Deeh, has demanded that you cease your work on Bahrr Lehs and leave at once. Sensing that there may be some hope of reconciliation, Tarresson decides that the best course of action is to meet with Gullinbursti and explain the situation. He asks you and Mogzin to accompany him, and follows Ohl Deeh to the ancient dragon's location.
  • Gullinbursti is menacing at first, but after Tarresson explains the nature of the moogles' obligation, the dragon permits you a chance to prove your worth. Gullinbursti orders the fountain which once stood in the center of Bahrr Lehs to be rebuilt. Both Mogzin and Tarresson seem unperturbed by this seemingly impossible request, and return to Bahrr Lehs to discuss the best way of fulfilling it.
  • Neither Mogzin nor Ohl Deeh know of any way to transport water to the barren land, and Tarresson is unfamiliar with the region. Although the situation seems hopeless, you recall that the knights of Camp Cloudtop use spring crystals to keep their water supplies stocked. As luck would have it, Ohl Deeh comments that he has seen a crystal which he suspects might be the very type you seek. The young dragon and Mogzin depart for Weston Waters, and Tarresson asks you to follow them, that you might offer your opinion on the crystal's quality.
  • While Weston Waters is indeed home to a spring crystal, this particular one is too weak to be used as a water source. Ohl Deeh does not look unsettled by this fact, however. Perhaps he has some knowledge that you do not.
  • According to Ohl Deeh, the roar of a dragon can strengthen the elemental aspect of a crystal. However, as it is still some years until Ohl Deeh's roar becomes powerful enough, he suggests asking his brother for help once again.
  • Whei Ahf readily agrees to help with such a trivial matter. He instructs Ohl Deeh to stay behind should you two become separated, and prepares to set off to Weston Waters.
  • The dragon's roar echoes across Weston Waters, and the spring crystal comes alive, water gushing from its surface. Mogzin breaks off the largest shards he can manage, and departs for Zenith to show Gullinbursti the ingenious solution to his problem.
  • Gullinbursti is impressed that you were able to make use of a crystal, and acknowledges that this work may have worth after all. He will not interfere in the repair of Bahrr Lehs, on the condition that the statue that once stood as a monument to friendship and peace is rebuilt. Fail, and he will raze Bahrr Lehs to the ground once more. Mogzin is unperturbed by this threat, and promises Gullinbursti that before long the statue will stand as gloriously as it did before.
  • The moogles have received their first commission as professional crafters, and Mogzin is eager to begin. The Mogmenders set to work on the fountain, which will become the new centerpiece of the once desolate Bahrr Lehs.