The Gods' Grip

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The Gods' Grip

Legend has it that the hands of the Wanderer and Navigator shaped this peninsula, which extends along the western shores of Moraby Bay. During the War of the Magi, it was here that the Nymian Royal Marines took an Amdapori host by surprise, and repulsed its attempts to land upon the cape. The conflict has since become known as the Battle of the Gods' Grip.

— In-game description

The Gods' Grip is a area in Lower La Noscea.


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Empty Heart

A small spring that bubbles up on the Gods' Grip, Empty Heart's waters are fresh and pure. Such sources are a rarity, and many are the monsters that come to slake their thirst - so many, in fact, that they are known to fight amongst themselves.

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The Salt Strand

When struck by a fallen shard from Dalamud's outer shell, a massive amount of concentrated aether was released from just below the surface of the Rhotano Sea, immediately fusing with and crystallising the towering fount of salt water which was expelled during the impact, City-state-funded exploratory forays into the inner crater have all yet to return...

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Oschon's Torch

Bearing the Wanderer's name, Oschon's Torch stands on the opposite shore of Moraby Bay from Llymlaen's Ring. Together, the lighhouses alert passing ships to where the bay's jagged coasts lie.

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Candlekeep Quay

Originally built for the candlekeep stationed at Oschon's Torch, this quay is also used to unload freight bound for the Moraby Drydocks.