Victory in Peril

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Victory in Peril

Victory in Peril Image.png
Quest giver
Lower La Noscea (X:24.8, Y:35.1)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Experience 5,520
Gil 212
Previous quest
Do Angry Pirates Dream
Next quest
Men of the Blue Tattoos

Ghimthota, a captain of the watch at the Moraby Drydocks, wishes your aid in dealing with potential intruders.

— In-game description






  • Ghimthota is convinced that a gang of treacherous pirates aims to sabotage the construction of the Victory. Speak with either Urswyrst at the front gate or C'nangho at the rear gate to learn of any suspicious activity.
  • You have spoken with one of the guards and heard a report concerning a possible saboteur. Make your way to the cliff at Empty Heart and learn what trouble is afoot.
  • You have confronted the suspicious sailor, and he leaves you with words that send a chill down your spine. Hurry back to the Drydocks and report to Ghimthota.
  • You have succeeded in preventing the destruction of the Victory. It has come to light, however, that the leader of the pirates, Ahtzapfyn, is actually Ahtbyrm's father. Speak with the troubled foreman, and see how he fares.
  • Though he puts on a brave face, it is clear that Ahtbyrm is deeply shaken by his father's unexpected appearance. Return to Ghimthota and convey Ahtbyrm's gratitude and apologies.
  • Ghimthota appears convinced that a swift return to work on the Victory will soon ease Ahtbyrm's troubled heart. The watch captain thanks you for your assistance, and mentions that the would-be saboteurs have been handed over to the Yellowjackets. There has, however, been an important discovery that she would like to discuss with you.